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How Can I Place Wind Chimes for Feng Shui?

To harmonize your space with Feng Shui, place wind chimes at your home's entrance or in the wealth corner to attract prosperity. Choose metal chimes for clarity and precision, or wood for growth and renewal. Their melodic sounds will balance energy, inviting tranquility. Wondering which type resonates best with your personal Feng Shui map? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

Feng shui is the practice of decorating and furnishing the home to attract positive chi, or energy, and block negative and unbalanced chi. This method usually involves arranging the furniture in a certain way, followed by adding plants, water elements, and wind chimes to each room. Using wind chimes for feng shui has long been a way to keep the energies flowing through the home, preventing it from feeling stale and stagnant. Wind chimes are also said to attract prosperity and good fortune. They may be placed outdoors, in entrances, or in little-used corners to keep any place in the home from feeling stark, cold, or unused.

According to feng shui practices, each area of the house is associated with a different aspect of life. Placing wind chimes for good feng shui in the northwestern part of the house might aid internal discovery, while those hung in the southeast might pull in prosperous opportunities. When placed in the western part of the home, chimes may promote healthy, happy children and stimulate creativity in people of all ages.

Wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.
Wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.

People that place chimes outdoors often want a thriving garden and protection from dangerous influences, such as evil spirits. Wind chimes for feng shui placed outside should typically be made of wood, especially those hung in trees. The energies of wooden chimes are thought to often blend well with the energies of the trees, whereas glass and metal chimes may clash with them. Glass and metal chimes are said to work well inside the home, rather than outdoors.

The north-facing side of the home, according to feng shui practices, is associated with serenity, calm, and reflection. This may be favorable if the north part of the home holds a private library or study, but unfavorable if the entrance is on the home’s north side. North-facing windows also usually get very little sunlight, which may create a grey, melancholic atmosphere. Placing wind chimes for feng shui around a north-facing entry, in north-facing windows, or in the corners of rooms in the northern part of the house reportedly help create a cheerful atmosphere.

Typically, care must be taken to secure wind chimes for feng shui in areas where they’ll do the most good. For instance, chimes near an entryway should usually be hung on the door, or next to the door, not over the jamb where the door can strike them. Many feng shui practitioners recommend hanging chimes in little-used corners rather than right over where the homeowners sit, sleep, or eat. Chimes stimulate energy and may disrupt concentration or slumber if located over these areas.

To best use wind chimes for feng shui, individuals must simply ring them. This may be done daily to keep chi moving constantly, or done only when the space needs an energetic cleansing. Some like to ring their chimes three, five, or seven times for luck. Others simply set them moving and let them ring for as long as they can.

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    • Wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.
      By: dbvirago
      Wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.