Your State’s Favorite Christmas Decoration

Each state has its unique holiday flair, with favorite Christmas decorations reflecting local culture and traditions. From twinkling lights in Texas to handcrafted ornaments in Vermont, these festive favorites tell a story of regional pride and holiday spirit. Discover how your state decks the halls and what it says about your community's seasonal celebrations. What might your state's favorite reveal about its holiday heart?

It’s time to deck the halls with our favorite holiday decor—everything from a Christmas tree to colorful lights to mistletoe! We use these decorations to invite the spirit of the holidays and make the season a little bit brighter.

At HomeQuestionsAnswered, we wanted to know which decorations were the favorite across the nation. We took a look at what every state’s favorite Christmas decoration is—take a look at the map below to find out which is the most popular in your state!


Interesting Findings & Facts

  • Christmas lights are the most popular in the entire nation, taking the top spot for 25 states—nearly half of the country
  • Alabama, Hawaii, and West Virginia had ties for their favorite decorations
    • Alabama likes lights and stockings
    • Hawaii is a split between poinsettias and lights
    • West Virginia is torn between ornaments and wreaths
  • It’s no surprise that Illinois is a fan of Christmas lights—National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is set in Chicago, which is known for the Griswold home and its over-the-top lights
  • Although California’s favorite decoration is lights, it is the top producer of poinsettias in the United States


We looked at Google search trends surrounding nine popular types of Christmas decorations to find which is the most popular in each state.

State Decoration
Alabama Lights/Stockings
Alaska Poinsettia
Arizona Poinsettia
Arkansas Lights
California Lights
Colorado Lights
Connecticut Christmas Tree
Delaware Garland
District of Columbia Garland
Florida Poinsettia
Georgia Lights
Hawaii Poinsettia/Lights
Idaho Lights
Illinois Lights
Indiana Lights
Iowa Stockings
Kansas Lights
Kentucky Garland
Louisiana Lights
Maine Christmas Tree
Maryland Garland
Massachusetts Christmas Tree
Michigan Lights
Minnesota Lights
Mississippi Mistletoe
Missouri Lights
Montana Poinsettia
Nebraska Garland
Nevada Lights
New Hampshire Christmas Tree
New Jersey Garland
New Mexico Nativity
New York Ornaments
North Carolina Lights
North Dakota Poinsettia
Ohio Lights
Oklahoma Lights
Oregon Lights
Pennsylvania Garland
Rhode Island Christmas Tree
South Carolina Lights
South Dakota Garland
Tennessee Lights
Texas Lights
Utah Nativity
Vermont Stockings
Virginia Garland/Lights
Washington Lights
West Virginia Wreath/Ornaments
Wisconsin Lights
Wyoming Poinsettia