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What is Mounting Tape?

Josie Myers
Josie Myers

Mounting tape is a strong double-sided foam-based tape that is used to hang items. It comes in a variety of strengths and types. One side of the backing is peeled off the tape and stuck to an object, then the other side of the backing is peeled off exposing the adhesive. The object is then set into place where desired.

Some mounting tape is permanent. For this reason, it is advisable to lay out a project and decide exact placement before removing the backing from the tape. Manufacturers will advertise their product as removable if is it possible to cleanly move the tape. Some companies have a pull strip that allows the product to come easily free from the wall.

Mounting tape sees use on scrapbook pages.
Mounting tape sees use on scrapbook pages.

Indoor mounting tape is available in a variety of widths and weights. The heaviest tapes are able to hold up to 2lbs (.91 kg). Some come in a roll that needs to be cut to the size required for a particular usage, while others come in pre-cut squares. It can be used on many surfaces from tile, mirrors, glass, walls, and more. Be advised that the non-movable type may remove finish from these surfaces, particularly paint and wallpaper.

Some tape is produced for outdoor applications. These super strong tapes are water- and weather-resistant and can attach to everything from siding to brick and stucco. They generally have a 5 lb (2.27 kg) limit. These types save the trouble of nailing small lightweight objects outside like address numbers on mailboxes, doors, and houses.

Wall-mounting tape tabs are meant to hold wall hangings like artwork, posters, signs, and banners. These remove easily, but hold the objects in place securely. Be advised that if the object is paper based, the tabs might not remove quite as easily from the paper as from the wall.

Mounting tape and tabs have found additional usage with scrapbook enthusiasts. The foam gives height to objects, which is desirable in creating a quality scrapbook page. Their strength comes in handy for holding mementos that are not paper based in the books as well. Some companies have even created archival safe mounting tape photo corner pieces to hold photographs in place.

The applications for mounting tape are increasing in number as manufacturers produce stronger and more useful adhesives. What once was primarily a craft based product quickly moved into home improvement stores. Nails and screws are certainly not obsolete, but their place in simple home fixes has been reduced by this easy, inexpensive alternative.

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@BreeZee22 - I would stick with the weight limit no matter how much tape you use. If you are hanging something in your house that weighs more than two pounds (which I don't think would be too often) you should use another method, just to be safe.

We really enjoy making posters, cards, and invitations, using mounting tape. When you are working with decorative items it really isn't necessary to use the heavy duty mounting tape.

Our daughter made a cute candy-gram poster using candy in place of words for her boyfriend. The mounting tape worked really well for mounting the candy. When we tried other types of tape the candy fell off because it was too heavy.


This may seem like a dumb question, but when you refer to the 2 pound or 5 pound strength of the mounting tape what size would the piece of mounting tape be?

For instance if I use the tape with the 2 pound limit does that apply to a certain size of the tape, like 2"x2" and if I use a bigger piece will it hold more weight?

Or is is just any size of that 2 pound tape is limited to holding 2 pounds. Or if a 2"x2" piece will hold 2 pounds would it hold 6 pounds if I use three 2"x2" pieces of mounting tape on the one object?

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    • Mounting tape sees use on scrapbook pages.
      By: SilviuFlorin
      Mounting tape sees use on scrapbook pages.