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What is Kaboom® Cleaner?

Kaboom® Cleaner is a powerful cleaning solution designed to tackle tough grime and stains in your bathroom. Its unique formula effortlessly cuts through soap scum, hard water buildup, and mildew, leaving surfaces sparkling clean without harsh scrubbing. Ready to transform your cleaning routine and reveal a spotless home? Discover how Kaboom® can make your chores a breeze. What will you clean first?
Brendan McGuigan
Brendan McGuigan

Kaboom® cleaner is a product line manufactured by Church and Dwight Company, the manufacturers of OxiClean® and OrangeGlo®. There are a number of different Kaboom® cleaner products, including a cleaner for showers, tiles, and bathtubs, a refillable continuous toilet bowl cleaner, an ultra scrubbing cleaner, and a foaming toilet bowl cleaner. Kaboom® products are often seen on television, and through an affiliate marketing program they have become widespread throughout the internet as well.

The Kaboom® shower, tub, and tile cleaner is meant to be used on any non-porous, non-wood surface, making it ideal for most surfaces in a bathroom. It is strong enough to help eliminate things like caked-on soap scum and lime, but gentle enough that it can be used on porcelain and brass fixtures. It is also quite simple to use, with one simply spraying it directly on the affected area, letting it sit for one to three minutes, and then rinsing or wiping it away. Since it is applied much like a window cleaner, Kaboom® cleaner can also be used on glass surfaces where hard water has built up mineral deposits, making it resistant to normal window cleaners.

Kaboom® makes a type of toilet bowl cleaner.
Kaboom® makes a type of toilet bowl cleaner.

Many people recommend Kaboom® for use by those who are sensitive to other cleaners, as it is gentle enough to be used without face masks or other protections that harsh cleaners often require. Its foaming nature helps it to break apart dirt and grime, and it can be used on most bathroom surfaces. Its relative gentleness does mean that there are some levels of grime Kaboom® simply is unable to deal with, where a heavy-duty cleaner might be more effective. While Kaboom® does not require a face mask to protect against fumes, this is in part because it does not include bleach, which can make mildew difficult to remove.

Kaboom® cleaners can be used on most bathroom surfaces.
Kaboom® cleaners can be used on most bathroom surfaces.

One of the most popular Kaboom® products is the refillable continuous toilet cleaning system. This is a device that clips inside the toilet tank itself, which can be done quickly without any tools. Every time the toilet is flushed, the cleaning agent is spread into the bowl, helping to keep it sparkling and clean, with no need for scrubbing. When the cleaning agent begins to run out, after about three months of normal use, it can simply be refilled.

Kaboom cleaners may be used with use of a face mask.
Kaboom cleaners may be used with use of a face mask.

The flagship of the Kaboom® line is the ultra scrubbing agent, which is a thicker cream and has more robust cleaning agent than the spray-on cleanser. This cleanser is meant to clean not only surfaces like bathtubs, but also the worst of caked-on toilet stains. Kaboom® ultra scrubbing cleaner has small abrasive granules in it, in addition to its cleaning agent, helping to break apart stains and caked-on dirt, so that it can be scrubbed off completely. The consistency of the ultra scrubbing cleaner is thick, allowing it to stick on to vertical surfaces, making cleaning every surface easier.

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I have actually used this system for over a year but our local stores have stopped selling the kit and the refills. I'm not sure why they stopped selling them. In my opinion, they are amazing. I have used drop in Clorox tablets but they eventually deteriorate the rubber part between the tank and the bowl and would start leaking.

The Kaboom system, however, has the water go from the inlet through a tube that goes into the bowl, not the tank. And my toilets were always sparkling clean. Quite genius for my family as I am a busy working mother with four kids and a husband.


Does anyone know if the Never Scrub toilet cleaning system actually works? I just hate toilet bowl brushes, they're disgusting, but I have yet to find anything else that works. I'd love to hear about someone's experience with the Kaboom system.

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    • Kaboom® makes a type of toilet bowl cleaner.
      By: afxhome
      Kaboom® makes a type of toilet bowl cleaner.
    • Kaboom® cleaners can be used on most bathroom surfaces.
      By: diego cervo
      Kaboom® cleaners can be used on most bathroom surfaces.
    • Kaboom cleaners may be used with use of a face mask.
      By: dimedrol68
      Kaboom cleaners may be used with use of a face mask.