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What is Brick Siding?

Ken Black
Ken Black

Brick siding is siding of a home or other type of building made out of brick. It is one of the most common siding materials available and offers a number of benefits. Its costs may dissuade some from using it as a first option, with builders instead looking at other choices such as vinyl siding or aluminum siding.

Brick has a number of benefits. Many prefer the looks of brick siding, thinking it gives the home a classic look. Many who appreciate the colonial architecture of early America may especially be attracted to brick. In addition to looks, brick siding has a relatively low maintenance cost. It is also able to withstand strong winds with little or no damage.

Bricks may give a home a classic look.
Bricks may give a home a classic look.

However, while these benefits should not be undervalued, there is a reason why it is not a more popular option. Brick siding can be prohibitively expensive when compared to other materials. Also, it can be difficult to change a home to brick siding if it were designed for another material. Therefore, most brick siding is a choice made during the beginning phases of home construction.

For those who are able to afford the high cost of brick siding, there are some other money-saving benefits to the material. As an insulator, brick makes for one of the most efficient home siding options available. Also, whereas other siding options may need replaced periodically, a good quality brick building can go for a century or longer before needing any substantial work.

For those interested in buying a brick house, there are a number of things to consider. First, look at the condition of the brick. Any bricks that seem to be deteriorating may be a sign of a greater problem and it getting the opinion of a home inspector is advisable. Second, make sure the product is actually brick. Homes with concrete siding are often made to look like brick. A closer inspection of the material is usually all that is need to determine this.

As far as siding installation is concerned, brick siding is one of the toughest materials to deal with. While installing siding of any type is not easy, the nature of brick makes it especially difficult. There is no way to do it quickly and it is often heavy and hot work. Those who are not used to such work may do well to consider hiring a contractor.

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Brick siding comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The best option for people who can afford it is to try to choose brick siding that compliments the other homes in the neighborhood. For example, if other homes in the area have natural colored brick siding, red brick siding would stand out and may not look like it fits in with the other homes.


Brick siding is beautiful, but I have found that it has a tendency to hold heat in a home. This is good during the winter months, but bad in the summertime.

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    • Bricks may give a home a classic look.
      By: Thiti
      Bricks may give a home a classic look.