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What is Antique Stove Restoration?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Antique stove restoration is the process of restoring vintage appliances to as close as their original condition as possible. The process can include taking the unit apart, inspecting the parts, and replacing worn items. It is performed on all types of stoves, including electric, gas, and wood. The manner of restoring a stove can depend on the condition of the appliance and how it is made. Stoves are typically refurbished so they can be used to cook with, but some are restored as a decorative conversation piece.

During antique stove restoration, the piece is normally disassembled so that it can be completely cleaned and inspected. This is done so that a worker can get an idea of what might need to be fixed or replaced. After the restoration needs have been determined, parts can be located if they are needed.


Once the stove has been disassembled, the outside of it can be restored to its original condition. This may require sandblasting if the piece has a great deal of rust on it. Since the inside and outside of the appliance may require different methods of restoration, they are typically done in separate areas.

After removing the rust, a vintage appliance may need to be repainted. The piece could be painted a traditional color, such as robin egg blue, or a more modern shade, such as antique white. Cast iron pieces are usually left unfinished, as this lends to the charm of the piece.

The working parts of a historic stove are checked during the antique stove restoration. A professional in charge of this process will make sure things such as the burners, thermostat, and heating elements are working properly. If they are not functioning as they should, a repair professional might need to fix the parts or find replacements.

Drip pans, oven racks, and boiler pans should all be thoroughly cleaned when the stove is refurbished. Rusty components can be sandblasted or scrubbed down with a steel wool pad. Pieces that are extremely corroded or broken may be replaced.

Many people are able to cook on vintage equipment after antique stove restoration. Sometimes, it is impossible to refurbish some models back to their original condition because they are extremely damaged or replacement parts are not available. These historic stoves may be used as conversation pieces or placed in historical displays. Some wood cook stoves can be restored for use as a heating appliance even though they cannot be used to cook.

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