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What is an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

An upright vacuum cleaner stands tall, designed for ease as you push it across carpets and floors. It combines a powerful suction with a brush roll to lift and remove dirt, often featuring onboard tools for versatile cleaning. Ready to discover how an upright vacuum can transform your cleaning routine and which model might be your home's new ally?
Anna T.
Anna T.

An upright vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that is pushed in front of the person operating it. These cleaners normally have a base with wheels at the bottom and a tall, elongated bag and handle rising up from the base. Many upright vacuum cleaners are bagless and have a plastic removable container to collect debris and dirt. Some models have a light on the base to see under furniture and a lever for adjusting the vacuum from high carpet to bare floor.

Many people believe that an upright vacuum cleaner is superior to a canister vacuum cleaner because an upright cleaner is easier to use. Gliding the cleaner back and forth over an area generally requires very minimal labor. After use, it's normally easy to wind the cord back up and stow it away in a closet until it is needed again. Most upright vacuum cleaners fit into closets or other small spaces without the worry of any attachments awkwardly sticking out and getting in the way. There are a great number of models that also come with attachable hoses to use on spaces too small for the base.

An upright vacuum cleaner.
An upright vacuum cleaner.

Canister-style vacuum cleaners may have a few advantages over uprights. They typically require more labor to use, but some people believe they do a better job of vacuuming in hard-to-reach places. The stretchable hose can be maneuvered into most tight spots and may be able to clean more effectively around the legs of chairs and sofas. A typical upright vacuum cleaner can't get to many hard-to-reach places because of how the base is shaped, and they are often very difficult to use for vacuuming stairs. Canister-style vacuums are considered ideal for vacuuming stairs because of the long hose.

An upright vacuum cleaner is generally thought to be perfect for quick once overs and cleaning open areas with little furniture. They typically do not have to be carried, unless a person is going to attempt to vacuum stairs. Hoses and other attachments may not be as easy to use as those that come with canister-style vacuums, but most function adequately. Bagless models normally do not hold as much dirt and debris as bag models, but many people prefer them because they do not have to buy vacuum cleaner bags. An ideal household setup may be to have an upright vacuum cleaner as well as a canister style, reserving the canister vacuum for deep cleaning and the upright for quick cleaning.

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    • An upright vacuum cleaner.
      By: trekandshoot
      An upright vacuum cleaner.