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What is an Ironing Board Cover?

An ironing board cover is a protective layer that fits snugly over an ironing board, providing a smooth, heat-resistant surface for pressing clothes. It often includes padding to enhance the ironing experience and can come in various materials and designs. Curious about how to choose the best cover for your ironing needs? Let's explore the options together.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

An ironing board cover is the removable fabric part of an ironing board. Ironing board covers are rectangular and taper at one end. They are designed to replace the original cover sold with an ironing board. Ironing board covers are available in different materials, colors, designs and styles.

A Velcro ironing board cover will attach to the board in a clasping way, rather than with strings that need to be tied to fasten it. Other kinds of covers have an elastic edge that helps them fit onto the ironing board. These fit similarly to how fitted sheets go onto bed corners, but instead of corner elastic edging only, they are stretchy all the way around. Metal or plastic clips are sold to help covers hold onto ironing boards better since it can be difficult to iron clothing if the cover keeps slipping. These clips are usually designed to fit underneath the ironing board to firmly hold down all types of covers.

An iron.
An iron.

Since there are several different standard sizes of ironing boards made today, as well as mini and travel versions, the proper size cover is necessary. Ironing board covers are typically sold in packages that list their measurements so buyers can choose the size they need. Classic ironing board covers are in neutral colors such as gray, brown or cream, but there are also all types of modern graphics, stripes and rich colors. With such a wide range of ironing board cover choices, it's possible for homeowners to find one that fits in well with their laundry room decor.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

The most versatile type of ironing board cover is a reversible one. Not only can the pattern and color be changed, but any scorch marks and wear on one side will still allow the cover to be used on the other. Some ironing board covers are made to be scorch-resistant. These covers may be treated with the chemical silicone.

It's important to differentiate between a cover and a pad for ironing boards. A cover is the fabric piece that is also meant to be the surface on which clothing is placed to be pressed with an iron. An ironing board pad is designed to go underneath the cover and is not made as a direct ironing surface. Typically, ironing board pads don't need to be replaced, or at least as often, as the covers do. Some ironing board covers are sold with padding included in their design; these styles are meant to replace both a cover and a pad.

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    • An iron.
      An iron.
    • The bottom of an iron.
      By: alekc79
      The bottom of an iron.