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What is a Vertical Ironing Board?

A vertical ironing board revolutionizes wrinkle removal by allowing clothes to be ironed while hanging vertically. This innovative design saves space and simplifies the task, making it ideal for quick touch-ups or for those with limited mobility. It's a game-changer in garment care. Wondering how it could transform your laundry routine? Let's examine its benefits further.
Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

Some consumers and manufacturers use the term vertical ironing board to refer to a few different styles and models of the widely-used household apparatus. Usually, a true vertical ironing board can also be called a vertical steam ironing board or a steamboard because it employs a hand-held steamer to eliminate wrinkles in clothing rather than a typical metal iron. This product is meant to be mounted vertically and is often hung by hooks on the back of a door. Models typically consist of a sturdy board, a hanger on which to place an item of clothing, and a steamer, iron, or combination steam iron.

The vertical ironing board must first be set up properly before it can be used efficiently. Most models can be screwed directly into the wall, perhaps in a utility room. Those who do not wish to create holes in the wall may prefer another option. The ironing board can also be mounted onto a door with a hanger and bracket system.

A few key components comprise a typical vertical ironing board. The board itself is often covered in fabric and padded. Higher-quality models will be covered with a fabric that can resist moisture.

An iron.
An iron.

Moisture-resistant ironing board covers are commonly desired on this product because of the second component: the iron itself. When a board is situated vertically, it is more difficult for one to get the leverage that is sometimes needed when using a heated metal iron and a horizontal ironing board. Therefore, vertical ironing boards may have a steam iron or a steam wand in place of the normal heated iron.

The bottom of an iron.
The bottom of an iron.

A clothes steamer uses hot, vaporized water to press wrinkles out of clothing. One can also use a steamer to create pleats and creases in pants and other items. Sometimes, the vertical board and the steamer may be purchased separately. At other times, the product comes with an iron that has both the heated metal surface and a steam option.

The third main component of a vertical ironing board is a hanger or clips to hold the clothing in place while ironing. These are often found at the very top of the ironing board. Usually, the closer the clothing is to the flat, hard surface of the board, the better one’s chance of removing all unwanted wrinkles.

Manufacturers often call other styles of ironing boards “vertical," though sometimes inaccurately. There are ironing boards that can be stored vertically, either on a wall, on the back of a door, or inside a cupboard. These models make storage and set-up fairly easy, but they are, in fact, meant to be used in the horizontal position and are not true vertical ironing board models.

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    • An iron.
      An iron.
    • The bottom of an iron.
      By: alekc79
      The bottom of an iron.