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What is a Triple Wide Mobile Home?

A Triple Wide Mobile Home offers expansive living space, akin to a traditional house, but with the flexibility of location. These homes consist of three sections joined to create a large, single-level dwelling. With customizable layouts, they provide comfort and style. Imagine the possibilities of such a spacious, mobile abode. What would you do with all that room? Continue reading to find out.
Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

A triple wide mobile home is a prefabricated home made in three pieces. It is then transported to land or a lot owned by the purchaser of the mobile home, where it is pieced together. The term “multi-sectional manufactured home” often also applies to a triple wide mobile home. These fairly spacious dwellings may be one or two stories, include several bedrooms and other rooms, and can come with as many amenities as a typical home built on-site.

Mobile homes come in various sizes. Single and double wide mobile homes, or trailers, are typically more common than triple wide mobile homes. This may be because of the cost; generally, the larger the size of the home and the more pieces it comes in, the more costly it is to purchase. “Triple wides” may also be slightly less popular because of the allotted space one has on which to place the home.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Though it is an outdated misconception, there are those who do not think a prefabricated mobile home can be as spacious or as attractive as a conventional home. When attention is paid to the landscaping surrounding a mobile home, it is possible to make it indistinguishable from a typical house with a foundation built directly on the land. In fact, a triple wide mobile home may contain even more bedrooms than the common home built on-site.

Most triple wides are large enough to accommodate an entire family with several bedrooms and bathrooms. They could also include a full kitchen, living room and den. Offices and dining rooms are additional spaces. A garage can be attached if one is desired. Even with all of these options, mobile homes are often a more affordable choice than a conventional home.

Most modern mobile homes also come with as many design options as a conventional home does. Recessed bay or cathedral windows and arched doorways can be built. Many mobile home manufacturers take care of every design detail, from floor to ceiling, so that the house is ready to live in as soon as it is pieced together.

A reputable company will usually guarantee that the house is pieced together in such a way that seams are not visible. Some people worry that mobile homes are more prone to water and storm damage. Leading mobile home builders, however, should be adept at making a triple wide mobile home as weatherproof as possible.

One can situate a triple wide mobile home in a number of places. Mobile home parks often rent out a designated lot that tenants can call home. These parks often resemble typical neighborhoods, with gates and a community park and pool. People who purchase large amounts of land without an existing home on the property have also found that a triple wide mobile home can offer convenience and luxury.

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My wife and I got tired of living in rental apartments last year, so we started looking for double wide mobile homes for sale. I'd been told that a double wide would have as much floor space as a typical one-bedroom apartment. When we got to the manufactured home showroom, the salesman said we really should consider a triple wide mobile home. He showed us some triple wide mobile home floor plans in his office.

I was surprised to learn we could finance a triple wide mobile home for just a little higher monthly payment than our current rent. Mobile home prices have really held steady over the past few years, especially used mobile homes. The salesman then drove us to a lot where a triple wide mobile home was set up for walkthroughs. I thought I was in a real house, not an aluminum box on wheels. We decided to take the plunge and buy one, as soon as we can find a suitable lot near town.


My wife's cousin bought a triple wide mobile home about ten years ago, and we finally had a chance to visit the place last 4th of July. I couldn't believe how spacious the place was. I have friends who live in single wide and double wide mobile home, and I always felt away of the narrowness of the living spaces. This triple wide looked and felt just like a traditional ranch home.

She didn't have a second floor, but the hallways led to several large bedrooms and a home office. The living room had a sliding door that led to a patio deck behind the house. The lot was right on a popular river in her area. She could go fishing or boating any time she wanted. She didn't have much of a yard, but she said she really didn't want one.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing