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What is a Round Crib?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

A round crib is circular rather than the traditional rectangular shape of most cribs. They are eye-catching because of their style and produce a strong presence in the nursery. These cribs can be very plain, but most are quite fancy, with accents and details that set them apart from traditional cribs.

Round cribs are designed for both baby boys and baby girls, and they are available in many designs and finishes. Cherry, oak, and brass are some of the materials used for making a round crib. These cribs have most of the same features as a rectanglular crib, such as adjustable mattress height, casters, and a drop down side for ease in getting the baby in and out of the crib. What sets them apart from other cribs is the round design.

A round crib may give a baby more room to sleep comfortably.
A round crib may give a baby more room to sleep comfortably.

One of the most notable features of round cribs, other than their shape, is the way they are dressed. Round cribs often have a canopy with curtains that fall from the top of the crib to the floor, giving the crib an elegant appearance. The curtains can be closed three-quarters of the way around the crib, enclosing the baby in a tent-like atmosphere, or they can be tied back at the sides as they are on a canopy bed. Some styles of round crib have decorative finials that rise upward from the top crib rail and match the style of the crib, so that even without curtains or a canopy, the crib has a distinctive flair.

Many round cribs are convertible. They begin as a round crib for an infant and can be expanded to an oval shape, giving a growing baby more room to sleep comfortably and move around when he's awake. Some styles can be converted to a toddler bed when the child is old enough to be moved out of the crib.

A round crib can be placed against the wall, although it won't fit as snuggly as a rectangular crib. It might fit well tucked into a corner of the room, but the most common placement for them is in the center of the nursery. This leaves the wall space free for other furniture or storage items.

This specially shaped crib requires a round mattress, which is sometimes sold with the crib but may need to be purchased separately. A round crib will also need specialty bedding since bumper guards, sheets, and crib skirts designed for a traditional rectangular crib won't fit. Mattresses and bedding can be purchased in stores where round cribs are sold.

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    • A round crib may give a baby more room to sleep comfortably.
      By: Nadezda Ledyaeva
      A round crib may give a baby more room to sleep comfortably.