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What Is a Radio Toaster?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

A radio toaster is an electrical appliance that combines two items — a toaster and an AM/FM radio. An unusual kitchen appliance, it allows consumers to do two different things at the same time — make breakfast and listen to music or the news. This kind of toaster features a special built-in radio, which is insulated to protect the wiring from damage due to overheating. These kitchen accessories come in different styles and designs but may have the general appearance of a regular toaster, styled in a retro, contemporary, or futuristic shape. A radio toaster may also offer an auxiliary input so that consumers are able to hook up to other electronic systems to play music selections.

Although most kitchens have a toaster, a radio toaster is often considered a collector's item, which is usually reflected in the style of the product. Some of these toasters are designed in the shape of a spaceship with elongated oval shapes, antennas, and wide slots. Others are more antique looking, offering cathedral style radio shapes, with oversized amber dials, a rounded top, and two bread slots. Of course, more conservative, traditional-looking radio toasters are available, too, made from stainless steel, silver brushed metal, and plastic. These toasters look very much like their single-function counterparts, except that upon closer inspection, the toaster has speakers, radio dials, or a digital display.

A radio toaster is able to toast bread, as well as function as a radio.
A radio toaster is able to toast bread, as well as function as a radio.

This type of kitchen appliance usually offers a standard radio with both AM and FM frequencies. Some toasters have radio knobs and a large dial, while others offer lighted digital displays, built in graphic equalizers, and the ability to pre-set channels. Some toasters provide an auxiliary input for devices such as iPods and mp3 players.

Usually, the toaster offers many of the same functions that regular toasters do. A radio toaster may have slide out crumb trays, extra wide slots for bagels, and defrost settings. Some of them also offer cord storage, extra high lift levers, and cool-to-the-touch exteriors that protect users from getting burnt. This kind of electronic appliance tends to appeal to consumers who enjoy multi-tasking and don't have a lot of counter space in their kitchen.

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@Markerrag -- I agree with you because I like consolidating household appliances as much as possible. A toaster radio makes a lot of sense, but do you know what might make even more sense? A toaster radio television set!

That's right. Watch the weather report or listen to it. That's up to you as you wait for your dandy toast to be ready in the morning.


I don't know how unusual an appliance this really is. I would call it a convenient, space saving appliance. A lot of people like to listen to the news and weather in the morning, so the toaster radio makes a lot of sense.

I mean, think about it. If you have only limited space in your kitchen, why not get a radio toaster? Even if you aren't all that worried about space, why not grab a convenient two in one device that will use just one outlet instead of a radio and toaster that will use two?

See? The radio toaster makes a lot of sense.

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    • A radio toaster is able to toast bread, as well as function as a radio.
      By: Sergii Moscaliuk
      A radio toaster is able to toast bread, as well as function as a radio.
    • Radio toasters typically receive AM and FM signals.
      By: emmeci74
      Radio toasters typically receive AM and FM signals.