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What is a Mulcher?


A mulcher is a tool that is used to grind organic material, reducing the volume of natural waste and transforming it into mulch. Household compost, brush, cut grass, leaves, branches and vines are fed through blades producing usable mediums for varying lawn and gardening needs. The mulch can be used for fertilizing lawns and gardens and preventing the growth of weeds by providing a protective landscape cover.

There are many different types of mulchers to choose from depending on your mulching needs. The range of size varies. Some mulchers are quite large like those mounted to a truck and some are small weighing a mere 17 lbs (7.7kg). They are found as lawn mower or tractor attachments as well as stand alone units designed for the sole purpose of producing mulch.

Mulchers can help reduce yard waste.
Mulchers can help reduce yard waste.

Task specific mulchers can be extremely portable. This type is plastic, funnel shaped unit containing a sharp rotating blade designed for ease of use in grinding and spreading in different areas of your lawn and garden. Depending on the model, adjustments can be made to the mulcher to accommodate different materials and to produce finer or coarser end products. You can also make your own mulcher, which is both easy and cost effective.

It is not unusual for a mulcher to reduce eleven bags of organic waste to only one bag of mulch. This is an easy, economical and environmentally sound way to reduce waste as 20% of the waste found in landfills is from trees, leaves, food, etc.

Mulchers are also invaluable for composting. Mulching compost is an efficient way to speed up decomposition; producing a great fertilizer in half the time. It also prevents the accumulation of large, smelly piles of waste that might attract unwanted pests. Using a mulcher will ensure that you can get the most of your compost quickly and with less hassle.

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    • Mulchers can help reduce yard waste.
      By: Manuela Manay
      Mulchers can help reduce yard waste.