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What Is a Microwave Toaster?

A microwave toaster is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the quick heating function of a microwave with the browning capabilities of a toaster oven. It's perfect for those seeking convenience without sacrificing the texture and taste of their favorite foods. Wondering how it can transform your meal prep and snack times? Join us as we uncover its innovative features.
Helen Akers
Helen Akers

A microwave toaster oven combines the functionality of a full oven with the cooking speed of a microwave. These appliances do more than just reheat frozen food. They also bake cakes, grill chicken and toast bread. As a microwave toaster is the same size as a traditional microwave, it can also save space in smaller apartments or college dorm rooms.

The main benefits of a microwave toaster are versatility and convenience. It combines the cooking functions of a traditional oven, toaster, and microwave into one appliance. For individuals who live in dorm rooms or apartments that aren't equipped with a traditional stove, a microwave toaster oven can be a viable substitute. The size range for microwave toaster ovens ranges from very compact to rather large countertop units.

Toaster ovens are good for heating afternoon snacks.
Toaster ovens are good for heating afternoon snacks.

As far as appearance, these ovens resemble a traditional microwave. They cook and heat food on a turntable similar to that found in most conventional microwaves. These appliances typically have additional cooking settings and power levels. Some models are equipped with advanced features, such as a defroster and child proof locks.

Many individuals are surprised to discover that they can bake a variety of dishes in microwave toaster ovens. Most of them come with a dial knob that allows for more precise or manual heat settings. Dishes that would normally only cook well in a traditional oven, such as cakes, chicken or frozen pizza, can be successfully heated in these microwave ovens.

One of the more notable features of these appliances is that they can cook and heat conventional dishes more quickly than a traditional oven. The majority come with pre-set power levels for certain types of food, which can help control the amount of time and electricity needed to cook the dishes adequately. Some toaster oven models include racks for certain cooking functions, such as toasting, baking and broiling.

The majority of these appliances take up a certain amount of space on a kitchen's counter, similar to a traditional microwave. At first glance, they do not appear to be any different from regular microwave appliances. The difference is in the heating technology used. Microwave toaster ovens typically use infrared light and heat to cook foods more evenly.

Heat levels automatically change in a toaster oven to accommodate the type of cooking that needs to be performed. These appliances do not necessarily contain toaster, oven and microwave partitions. Instead, microwave toaster ovens rely on programming instructions in order to adjust to the cooking temperature that is desired.

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    • Toaster ovens are good for heating afternoon snacks.
      By: MSPhotographic
      Toaster ovens are good for heating afternoon snacks.