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What is a Lawn Tractor Plow?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A lawn tractor plow is a piece of gardening equipment that attaches to the back of a riding lawn mower. It is used to plow a garden or small plot of land. The device normally has one or two blades attached to a metal frame. These blades can be slightly curved if there is a single blade, or pointed downward if there are two blades.

The plow is typically attached to the back of a garden tractor via a hitch on the machine. It normally has a steel "v" shaped frame. The blades are secured to the bottom of this frame near the back end of the plow. Steel or aluminum is normally used to construct these blades.

A lawn tractor plow can be attached to the back of a riding mower.
A lawn tractor plow can be attached to the back of a riding mower.

Plow attachments can be various sizes, depending on the plot of ground that needs to be worked. A small plow might have blades around 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide while larger ones can be up to 16 inches (40.64 cm), not including the frame. Some units are universal, which means they fit more than one brand of machine. Other types might fit only a particular model of lawn tractor.

After attaching it to the back of a tractor, a lawn tractor plow can then loosen the soil. The operator lowers the blades to ground level by depressing a lever on the garden tractor. After this, he moves forward, guiding the lawn tractor plow behind him. When the attachment's blades penetrate the dirt, it breaks up so a gardener can then plant crops. In some cases, the machine might need to make two or three passes over a particular area in order to thoroughly loosen the ground.

A lawn tractor plow may have single or dual blades. Models with only one are typically wide and somewhat curved. When there are two blades, they are typically long, narrow, and somewhat pointed on the end. Both types serve the same function, and operate in much the same fashion.

Many times, homeowners who only need to plow a small area use this equipment to do so. This is because it is normally easy to maneuver a lawn tractor plow in tight spaces. It can also be a simple piece of machinery to attach, detach, and store. For these reasons, amateur gardeners may want to consider trying one of these plows to prepare a garden spot, whether they are doing so in the country or in the city.

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    • A lawn tractor plow can be attached to the back of a riding mower.
      By: aigarsr
      A lawn tractor plow can be attached to the back of a riding mower.