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What is a Hall Cupboard?

B. Miller
B. Miller

A hall cupboard is a type of storage or shelving unit placed in a hall. There are many different designs of hall cupboards to suit different preferences or styles of decor in a home. A hall cupboard can be both a functional and attractive part of a home; many people place them in entryways as well as hallways to serve as a receptacle for mail and keys, or as a place to display family photos or decorative items. Depending on the intended purpose, the height of this type of cupboard can vary as well.

In most cases, a hall cupboard is made of wood because this is a popular and durable choice for furniture, and because it looks nice in many different styles of homes. It may be simply stained wood to allow the natural color to show through, or it may be painted in a particular color to better match the home. Other materials that may be used for a hall cupboard include pressed particle board, which is much cheaper and designed to look like wood. Wrought iron, bronze, or stainless steel are also options, and can be slightly more ornate than hall cupboards made of wood.

A hall cupboard can be used as a place to display a family photo.
A hall cupboard can be used as a place to display a family photo.

The height of a hall cupboard can vary greatly; many are approximately the height of a fairly low bookshelf, designed to be about at waist height of people in the home. Taller cabinets for the hall may also exist, though these often look more like a tall bookcase or a hutch with glass doors used for displaying items than a freestanding cupboard. This style of furniture is typically designed to be fairly narrow so it does not take a great deal of available walking space in the hallway, but still adds function and utility.

Most hall cupboards are designed as freestanding units, with a combination of doors and shelves. A cupboard such as this will generally feature one or two actual cabinets in the front with swinging doors, and it may feature an open shelf above or below these cabinets. Drawers may also be added on top or on the sides for additional storage, as these cupboards are generally designed to keep items out of sight and out of the way. The flat surface of a hall cupboard can be a great place to put a basket for keys and mail, so it is easy to find them, as well as a place to display other items such as framed pictures or collectibles.

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    • A hall cupboard can be used as a place to display a family photo.
      By: imtmphoto
      A hall cupboard can be used as a place to display a family photo.