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What is a French Door?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

A French door, which is also sometimes referred to as a French window, is a door made up of panes or panels of glass. Wooden frames or partitions separate each pane. Glass panes are generally rectangular in shape and make up the majority of the surface of the door. This type of door is typically used as a style element. It is frequently used as a way to bring more natural light into a home, or as a way to divide rooms and set them apart while still maintaining an open feel to the overall space.

While French doors can be functional, they are typically used more for aesthetic purposes, to create a dramatic effect. For example, a great use of this style element is to make indoor and outdoor living spaces feel connected. A French door-style opening from the kitchen onto the patio area ties the two spaces together. A pair of French doors opening onto the balcony from the master bedroom brings the outdoors inside.

A French door is made up of panes or panels of glass.
A French door is made up of panes or panels of glass.

Because a French door is so versatile, it may be a repeating theme in a home. A pair, or in some cases, many pairs of doors are often used to keep an open feel. A French door, or many doors, are sometimes used in a stationary position and locked into place with a bolt or post. Such a formation is used in place of a solid wall, to keep the space light and airy and to create interest.

French doors are an attractive addition to any home, but it may also prove to be a good investment. In many cases, adding such a door will increase the potential sale value of the home. If you are planning to sell your home, consult with a real estate expert to see if the addition of a French door would prove to be a worthwhile expenditure of time and money. Many times, it can make a dramatic difference. It can transform a plain room into one that gets a second look, which adds up to better offers.

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    • A French door is made up of panes or panels of glass.
      By: Elenathewise
      A French door is made up of panes or panels of glass.