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What is a Fitted Kitchen?

A fitted kitchen is a tailor-made cooking space where cabinets, appliances, and work surfaces are installed to maximize efficiency and style. It's designed to fit the exact dimensions of your room, ensuring a seamless look and optimal use of space. Ready to transform your culinary area into a sleek, personalized haven? Discover how a fitted kitchen can revolutionize your home.
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

A fitted kitchen incorporates all fitted furniture, fitted cupboards, and appliances into the layout of the kitchen. Often, this type of kitchen design will feature appliances built into the walls and a decor that emphasizes a blended look. Most fitted kitchen designs will also incorporate cabinets that enclose appliances, such as microwave ovens. These cabinets are typically constructed of wood, although laminate or other materials may be used.

Since the typical fitted kitchen unit is customized according to specifications, every piece will blend well. Each piece of furniture, closet, and cupboard generally fits into the shape of the room or into the walls.

A fitted kitchen.
A fitted kitchen.

Fitted kitchens are also designed according to the basic functions, activities, and needs of the families who use them. For instance, if a family requires spacious storage or a pantry, the storage closets in that kitchen will be large. A smaller kitchen built to accommodate a smaller family, on the other hand, may require smaller fitted units.

Other features of a fitted kitchen may include built-in shelves to store pots and pans or food items and customized counter tops. The shelving may be built into a designated alcove or directly onto the wall. Counter tops may match the floor. Tile, marble, or granite are popular choices for counters and floors of the kitchen. Hardwood is another floor choice that may coordinate with the other kitchen units.

A fitted kitchen may feature a breakfast nook.
A fitted kitchen may feature a breakfast nook.

As an alternate method of shelving, a large one-piece unit may feature several shelves of various sizes. The unit may hold glasses or china, and possibly a small appliance underneath. Typically, these units feature space-saving designs, customized to fit the designated area.

Another example of a fitted kitchen unit is one that incorporates a stainless steel oven with an overhead extractor fan, also made of stainless steel. Typically, the overhead fan may be affixed to the ceiling. Ceiling fans used in these kitchens will generally match the furniture decor.

The architecturally designed fitted kitchen may have a conventional oven that has been fitted into the wall. Directly above may be a convection or toaster oven. A microwave and dishwasher may also be built in. Some kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator/freezer that is directly built in to a wall as well.

Many of the modern units feature eat-in kitchens. This may include built-in breakfast nooks. These nooks may be found in various shapes. Barstools and benches are often used as seating.

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    • A fitted kitchen.
      A fitted kitchen.
    • A fitted kitchen may feature a breakfast nook.
      By: Daniel X. O'Neil
      A fitted kitchen may feature a breakfast nook.