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What is a Drum Table?

A drum table is a versatile piece of furniture, circular in shape, often rich in history and craftsmanship. Its surface and drawers make it ideal for storage and decoration in any living space. With origins tracing back to the 18th century, it embodies both functionality and elegance. How might a drum table redefine your room's aesthetic? Continue reading to find out.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Since many musical instrument drums are cylindrical in shape and quite compact, side or end tables sold in similar shapes are referred to as drum tables. A large drum table may be used as a coffee table, while two drum tables could make matching nightstands in a bedroom or end tables in a living room. Many of these drum-shaped tables are made from dark wood such as mahogany, but lighter woods and metals are also used. A drum table usually has a cabinet door with storage inside, so these smaller tables can be convenient and useful additions to almost any room.

A drum table can make a good coffee table in a small living room. The roundness of drum tables can also help add interest to straight-lined sofas. Most drum tables have a flat base that touches the floor, but some have furniture legs under a drum top. A wood drum table may be intricately carved or smoothly polished in texture.

Many drum tables are made from darker woods, such as mahogany.
Many drum tables are made from darker woods, such as mahogany.

Although many drum style tables are all wood, a drum top table may be topped with ceramic mosaic tiles or other contrasting materials to add design interest. Drum table tops are usually big enough to comfortably fit a lamp and some accessory pieces. Their round shape makes them an interesting alternative to the usual square or rectangular shaped bedroom and living room end tables.

Some drum tables are made to resemble the ancient Asian rain drums that are thought to date to about 1000 BC. A rain drum was used in religious ceremonies in which waterfalls or monsoon rain would fall on the drum to make soothing sounds. The rain drums were thought to have powerful properties and were also considered desirable luxury items. Original Asian rain drums are made from cast bronze, but most metal rain drum tables are formed from aluminum and have a bronze finish.

An aluminum rain drum table often has frogs or other animal motif decorations on it to more closely resemble an Asian rain drum. These types of metal drum tables are versatile as they're usually made for both outdoors and indoors. A metal rain drum table can also be used as a stool or topped with glass to create a more elegant style of table.

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Very interesting article. Makes me think of our traditional drum - Sri Lanka's Bench Rabana.

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    • Many drum tables are made from darker woods, such as mahogany.
      By: Özger Sarikaya
      Many drum tables are made from darker woods, such as mahogany.