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What Is a Double Wardrobe?

A double wardrobe is a spacious storage solution featuring two side-by-side sections for clothing and accessories. It's designed to accommodate a variety of items, from hanging garments to folded clothes, often with drawers or shelves for added organization. Perfect for couples or fashion enthusiasts, it keeps your attire neatly arranged and easily accessible. How might a double wardrobe transform your daily routine?
Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

A double wardrobe is a type of large wardrobe used to store clothing and other household items a person might use every day or just occasionally. Due to their storage versatility, double wardrobes can be used as bedroom furniture, dining room pieces, or even as freestanding closets in hallways or bathrooms. Similar to other types of wardrobes, double wardrobes are available in a variety of styles and can be purchased at most retail locations that sell furniture.

A double wardrobe is similar to a single wardrobe in several ways. For example, both types of wardrobes are designed with storage features like shelves, drawers, and rods for storing and hanging garments or items used only occasionally such as towels, sheets, or kitchen and dining room linens. The main difference between single and double wardrobes is that a double wardrobe has two doors and typically is larger than its single counterpart.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Due to the size difference, a double wardrobe works better for storing larger quantities of possessions. For instance, when using a double wardrobe as a piece of bedroom furniture, the item typically provides enough space to function as a two-person wardrobe. At the same time, this type of large wardrobe works well for sizable families who need to store a multitude of towels and other bathroom necessities or special occasion china and silverware in a dining room.

Just as they can with other types of wardrobes, people can find double wardrobes in a variety of styles. Some double wardrobes are made of solid wood or wood-like materials, while others are constructed of metal. It is even possible for shoppers to find these wardrobes made of heavy cloth supported by metal frames, which is a version ideal for those who prefer furniture that is easy to rearrange or move. Plus, even though they are typically larger than most single wardrobes, double wardrobes are often available in varying sizes.

Most major furniture stores sell double wardrobes, and even some smaller locations offer the pieces. Some department stores that specialize in a variety of merchandise, including certain furniture pieces, also sell double wardrobes. Depending on the shopper’s interior design and personal preference, she might want to search antique shops for vintage wardrobes or even spend time browsing online retail stores to find the perfect double wardrobe for her existing decor.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book