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What is a Door Security Bar?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

When considering overall home security it is important to first cover the basics. Most criminals look for homes with poor lighting and unlocked doors. A door security bar is a special security device that is placed behind the door. This bar adds additional reinforcement to door locks and deadbolt locks by strengthening the complete door frame area.

Most sliding glass doors use a door security bar as an added security device. This bar prevents the door from opening by causing a jam in the sliding area. The sliding glass bar comes in many sizes but is typically made from metal. These bars latch securely between the two doors and the slider.

A door security bar may help keep burglars out of a person's home.
A door security bar may help keep burglars out of a person's home.

Door security bars have been used for centuries. In ancient times large wooden bars were used to secure the doors from unwanted entry. This form of wooden restraint made it nearly impossible for attackers to break down the large gates of a castle entrance.

Some bank safes include a door security bar design. These bars are typically made from large steel beams that bolt a door securely into the door frame. This bar causes the disbursement of frame support to surround the entire door area. The security bar uses a design that moves the door breaking points away from the door locks.

Some door security bars are wedged between the door and floor. This type of security implementation is similar to wedging a jamming device under a door knob. The door wedge implementation is less attractive then a standard door bar, but provides additional security not available with a deadbolt or door lock alone.

A door security bar can also be integrated into an advanced alarm system. This type of implementation requires additional sensors to be placed on the door jams. When the alarm is armed, the door sensor will activate the security features of the alarm system once the door is opened.

Most electronic doors use a door security bar feature. These doors automatically open and move the security bar into place after an individual walks into a secure building. Having an automatic security bar ensures the bar is always kept in a locked position.

An automatic gate is a luxury feature that is typically found in expensive homes or neighborhoods. These gates are opened with remote sensor devices. Many gates include door security bars. These bars are automatically inserted between the two gates, which prevents them from opening.

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@ElbowTickle - I own a small business and it was robbed recently -- despite the bright lights outside of it. Luckily, it was just a couple kids stealing beer and we caught them in the act. They had turned off the lights out front and pried the door open.

I installed automatic door bars after that in the hopes that it would never happen again. So far, it hasn't. My store is pretty peaceful at night.

The only thing the lights did for security is let us notice that they were off. Since my store is across the street from an apartment complex, someone called in when the lights went out because it made the street darker and they thought that they had seen someone by the store when they went out.

I upgraded the lights to be brighter and I use door security bars -- I hope that keeps the robbers out.


@w00dchuck41 - I don't know, bars in your windows seems a little over kill to me. As the article said, robbers avoid will houses -- why not install a couple of outside lamps instead?

I have a bugler alarm and lots of garden lights around my house. If someone was really intent on robbing a house -- it's most likely not going to be mine. I also own a big dog that sleeps inside at night to keep guard.

I've never been robbed and I don't use door or window bars. I would never remember to put them in place anyway. If you don't have a dog or live in a dark neighborhood – than I can understand why you take extra measures.


@Almita - Anyone who lives in the city should use some kind of door and window security bars. They are a cheap form of security that works really nicely. You're right about making the bars a close fit – my windows are narrow so I make sure that they don't open at all.

The bars I use are made out of iron rods. They are very heavy, but I know they won't break. I'm not sure I would feel safe using wooden bars. They are too light to me – if some one wanted to lift them with a wire or something, it wouldn't be hard.

I use them in every window. My house is the last one on the block and makes me nervous. I think that I use too much security sometimes, but people have been robbed on my block. Better safe than sorry in my opinion.


I always use door security bars. I use them on my door, but I also use them in my windows. You can lay a bar into the rail and it keeps it from opening very far. Since I live on the first floor in my apartment complex, it just seemed like a good idea.

I use square 1 inch by 1 inch boards. I've also used dowel. If anyone uses security bars, make sure that you make them long enough. If they are too short, someone might be able to fit their arm in. The idea is to keep the window closed entirely -- so only make it short enough to fit.

I added a loop of string on one end of my bars so that I can easily take them out in the day.

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    • A door security bar may help keep burglars out of a person's home.
      By: Robert Hoetink
      A door security bar may help keep burglars out of a person's home.