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What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Copper Bathtub?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

Bathtubs can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit the tastes and fit the budgets of many homeowners. A copper bathtub is one option that is seldom used, but can be an appropriate choice for certain situations. Like any other kind of bathtub, a copper model has its pros and cons. Some benefits would be its aesthetic appeal, durability and lack of maintenance. On the downside, a copper tub can be expensive and is usually hard to find.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of a copper bathtub is that it adds an elegant, luxurious aesthetic to most bathrooms. Many may find the look of a bathtub made of copper to be more sophisticated than bathtubs made from other, more common materials. It can also add a feeling of warmth to many bathrooms because of its color. Overall, copper creates a very unique style because it is so rarely used.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Another major benefit of a copper bathtub is its durability. Copper is naturally resistant to the dents and scratches that other materials are subject to. An interesting fact about copper is that if does happen to get scratched, the scratches will actually disappear over time on their own accord. This is because copper gradually changes color, which results in a slightly green tint after several years of use.

Lack of maintenance is another benefit that a copper bathtub offers. Unlike other materials, copper doesn't require any special attention to stay in good shape. Most bathtubs require sanitizing and chemical cleaners to keep them clean from mold and bacteria. Other materials can also build up soap scum residue over time, which results in a dirty appearance. Simply wiping the periodically with a dry towel is usually sufficient to keep it clean as the material is resistant to mold and bacteria.

The biggest downside to a copper bathtub for most people is its cost. Copper is simply one of the most expensive materials to use. Also, properly constructing a bathtub from copper usually requires expert craftsmanship. The combination of these two factors is the main reason for the high price.

The other main drawback is that a copper bathtub is usually difficult to find. Most retail home improvement stores don't normally carry copper bathtubs. This means that an individual has to make a specialty order from specific manufacturers, which inevitably results in limited options. In most cases, purchasing has to be done online, which also means that shipping and handling must be arranged for and paid.

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I'm thinking of getting a copper freestanding tub. I have read that it changes colors in time. How long are we talking about?


I know a few people who have elected to sell copper bathtubs for scrap rather than use them in their homes. The value of copper is so high right now that for some people using it for a bathtub is like having a golden toilet.

It's too bad because some of those old tubs are absolutely beautiful and you just don't find craftsmanship like that these days. If we melt all the old ones down all that tradition will be lost.


I've always thought that copper bathtubs looked so solid and elegant. There is something about the deep copper color that is also very inviting for a bath. Its like you are going to bathe in a big tub of melted butter.

I remember that my grandmother had a copper bathtub and I would always look forward to visiting her when I was a little girl so that I could use that tub. If I ever got rich enough to build my own house with everything just so I would include a copper bathtub for sure.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book