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What are the Pros and Cons of a Stainless Steel Fire Pit?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A stainless steel fire pit is a good choice for a patio or yard fire pit because it is weather resistant, strong, and relatively inexpensive as compared to other fire pit materials. While not as durable or attractive as a cast iron pit, a stainless steel fire pit can add a pleasing aesthetic and convenience to a yard or patio without driving up the cost of the pit. Stainless steel is also low maintenance, requiring little beyond initial set-up and the occasional cleaning. It is fairly lightweight, meaning the stainless steel fire pit can be moved easily if necessary.

Stainless steel is resistant to weather damage and will usually not rust. A brushed or shiny silver is the most common color of stainless steel, so consequently most stainless steel fire pits will be this color. This is not exactly a disadvantage, since the stainless steel is a relatively attractive metal, but it can be somewhat bland and boring if the design of the pit overall is not an interesting one. Aesthetically speaking, there are better choices than stainless steel, though for the price, it is a durable and reasonably attractive choice.

Stainless steel is low maintenance.
Stainless steel is low maintenance.

Like other metals, stainless steel will get hot when the stainless steel fire pit is in use, so one should be sure to steer clear of the pit while the metal is still hot. The metal will remain hot even after the fire has been put out, and touching the metal can cause burns. Small children should be kept away from a stainless steel fire pit for this reason, as should pets. Even though the metal is hot, however, it is still resistant to heat damage such as melting or warping. Other metals can be damaged fairly easily by high temperatures, but stainless steel is not. It may need to be cleaned periodically, as it may build up soot and ash from fires inside.

Since stainless steel is a relatively easy material to work with, the designs available for a fire pit are numerous. A consumer can find a unique design to fit the aesthetic of their yard or patio, and the size of the pit can vary to fit the available space. Simple stainless steel fire pits can also be made very cheaply, and they can be used as an in-ground pit, thereby allowing a builder to disguise the very plain metal with other materials such as brick or stone.

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    • Stainless steel is low maintenance.
      By: tiero
      Stainless steel is low maintenance.