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What are the Pros and Cons of a Propane Lawn Mower?

Propane lawn mowers offer eco-friendlier alternatives to traditional gas models, emitting fewer pollutants and providing quieter operation. They start easily and require less maintenance. However, they can be costlier upfront and finding propane refills may be inconvenient. Are you ready to weigh the environmental benefits against practical considerations? Let's delve deeper into how propane mowers could impact your lawn care routine.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A propane lawn mower is a good alternative to a gasoline-powered lawn mower because it is cleaner and better for the environment, though propane can be more expensive to purchase. Canisters of propane can be bought at most sporting goods or hardware stores, and one such canister can power a propane lawn mower for over an hour in most cases. This is comparable to or better than the amount of time gasoline will allow a motor to run. While the propane does burn more efficiently and it is a moderately inexpensive way to power a propane lawn mower, the propane can leak easily, causing a potential fire hazard as well as emitting toxic fumes.

One of the downsides of a propane lawn mower is the lack of availability. These types of mowers continue to be less popular than gas-powered models, even though propane tends to be less expensive than gasoline, more efficient, and cleaner.Propane stays in gas form, meaning build up is far less likely than in a gasoline mower. If nothing caustic builds up on the parts within the mower engine, the parts are less likely to wear out quickly.

Propane-powered lawn mowers are considered better for the environment than gas-powered models.
Propane-powered lawn mowers are considered better for the environment than gas-powered models.

The cost of a propane lawn mower will most likely be higher than gasoline-powered models because of the limited availability of propane models. As they become more common, the prices are likely to drop, as is the case with most new technology. To keep costs down, one can purchase a propane lawn mower conversion kit that turns a regular gas-powered mower into a propane mower. The carburetor of the current motor is modified with the kit to allow propane to be delivered to the combustion areas of the engine.

Propane is fairly easy to store as well, and it can last a long time without needing special treatments. Containers of propane are fairly easy to come by, and in many cases, the containers can be refilled safely and easily. When the propane tank is attached to the mower, it is very important that the tank is securely fastened to the mower and no gaps exist. Propane can leak through the gaskets, leading to a potentially hazardous gas build-up that can lead to fire hazard or inhalation hazards. Inhaling propane can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

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@Drentel - You are taking the negative aspects of propane lawn mowers and not considering the positive aspects. And by the way, gas mowers can release dangerous fumes and cause fires, too. You make it sound like gas engines are perfect when we know that's not true.

And if you don't like propane, there are other mowers that are better for the environment. Electric mowers, cordless mowers and the old push motors that don't use an engine are all environment friendly.


Propane lawn mowers are good for the environment, but it doesn't sound like they are very good for the person using them. In the first paragraph, the article says that the propane gas can easily leak and cause a fire or emit toxic fumes. Does that scare anyone else or is it just me?

And if that's not reason enough to go with a gas mower over propane, read the last sentence of this article. That's the one that warns us that inhaling these propane fumes can be deadly. Call me selfish, but I would rather have a mower that doesn't hurt me even if it harms the environment a little.

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    • Propane-powered lawn mowers are considered better for the environment than gas-powered models.
      By: Photographee.eu
      Propane-powered lawn mowers are considered better for the environment than gas-powered models.