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What are the Pros and Cons of a Glass Block Shower?

A glass block shower offers a sleek, modern aesthetic and natural light while maintaining privacy. However, it can be costly, less flexible for design changes, and challenging to install. Are you ready to weigh the balance between style and practicality? Let's explore how a glass block shower could transform your bathroom experience. What will your decision be? Continue reading to find out.
Sarah Sullins
Sarah Sullins

There are several different pros and cons for a glass block shower, many of which deal with the cost, privacy, design, and uniqueness of the design. Other considerations with these types of showers include the weight, appearance, and installation. A person installing these types of blocks will also consider the functions of the blocks and how they compare to other kinds of shower designs.

Glass block showers can fit in with any type of bathroom decor. The blocks are installed individually and come in many different shapes, designs, and colors, so any person can create a unique design that compliments and adds to the décor of his bathroom. These kinds of showers generally work well in bathrooms that are not normal in size or shape because of the versatility of the blocks.

Woman posing
Woman posing

One benefit to having this type of shower is that it is normally easy to clean and hard to break. Many of these glass block showers are even resistant to earthquakes. Specialty blocks can be purchased, for a price, that make the shower resistant to hurricanes, bullets, and fires as well.

Another benefit to a glass block shower is that whole panels can be purchased. This can make the shower much easier to install than it is when each block is installed separately. Yet another benefit is the reduction in the amount of sound that is transmitted through the block compared to other types of showers.

One of the biggest disadvantages to having a glass block shower is the weight of each of the blocks. Each one is heavy, which can slow down installation time, especially if a large area is being covered. It may also be very expensive to build, depending on the number of blocks that are needed to complete the glass block shower. This is because most glass block showers are installed with individual blocks, and each block itself is fairly expensive to purchase.

Another disadvantage to having this type of shower is the lack of privacy it gives. Even though the blocks are thick, they can still be seen through much easier than a shower curtain. To avoid this problem, colored and decorated blocks are available for installation, but may cost more than normal glass blocks.

A glass block shower also is non-load bearing. Any wall, or any part of a wall, that is taken out and replaced with glass block must be a wall that does not support the weight of the home’s ceiling. Professional help may be needed to determine which walls can be used.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing