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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Concrete Fire Pit?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Fire pits can be built from a variety of materials; all such materials must be fire retardant to prevent embers and flames from spreading beyond the boundaries of the fire pit. A concrete fire pit is a pit that is made from either poured concrete or concrete blocks, and such a material is a good choice because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. The fire pit will be a permanent feature, however, so if the homeowner chooses to get rid of the fire pit in the future, a concrete fire pit will be more difficult to destroy and ultimately remove.

Concrete is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice of material either. Brick and stone are far more visually appealing, though brick can be quite a bit more expensive and difficult to install. To improve the aesthetic of a concrete fire pit, a homeowner might consider buying concrete blocks or poured concrete that has been tinted a different color than the natural gray color concrete usually takes on. A homeowner may also choose to simply paint the concrete, though this is not as attractive an option as tinting it.

Well-built concrete or cinder block fire pits are difficult to remove.
Well-built concrete or cinder block fire pits are difficult to remove.

A concrete fire pit will be fairly low-maintenance, as cleaning will not often be necessary. When it is, spraying the concrete with a hose is generally sufficient to make the surface look clean again. Concrete is resistant to water damage, so staining, warping, and cracking will not occur often. When cracks do occur, they can be filled relatively easily with concrete patch. Water can seep into the concrete if it is not poured or built correctly, so one should be sure to research how to properly build a fire pit to avoid damage to the structure in the future.

The ease of installation can be made even easier by purchasing prefabricated concrete fire pit components. Concrete can be cast very easily, so components such as fire rings and concrete blocks or pavers can be purchased at an inexpensive price. Installation will include digging a fire pit, installing the concrete fire ring, and installing the pavers around the ring. Installing the pavers correctly will take a bit of patience and knowledge, so the builder should research the best way to lay down the pavers properly so they do not buckle, sink, or otherwise work out of position. When pouring concrete instead of purchasing prefabricated blocks, one should research how to properly mix concrete to ensure the proper consistency and avoid damage to the fire pit after time.

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How difficult is it to install a concrete fire pit myself? I have some experience with concrete but not a lot. I cannot claim to be the handiest guy but I can usually get to the end of a project.

If I decided to do it myself, how much would it cost, how long would it take, and would I need the help of other people?


@belted - That sounds really cool. I agree that concrete fire pits can look awesome, but the problem is that they cannot be taken away. Most other fire pits can be moved or torn down easily, but a concrete fire pit is pretty permanent. You have to be really sure you want a fire pit in just that spot.


I think the biggest pro of a concrete fire pit is that they look really cool. Sure, they can be made to look boring and generic, but there is also a lot of artistic potential that you can't get with a stone or metal fire pit.

I have a friend that has a fire pit that has a beautiful orange and yellow mosaic around the outside. It makes the fire pit look like a glowing sun. It is really pretty spectacular.

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    • Well-built concrete or cinder block fire pits are difficult to remove.
      By: stoonn
      Well-built concrete or cinder block fire pits are difficult to remove.