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What Are the Different Uses of Acacia Wood?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Acacia wood is most commonly used for manufacturing furniture, although it has been used for many diverse purposes. Due to its durability, acacia wood is often used for creating wooden dowels that fasten lumber pieces together. It's also very strong, so acacia wood is also used for making beams that support buildings. Industrial uses for acacia wood include creating fragrances and essential oils. In some areas of the world, this wood also has medicinal purposes.

When the acacia tree bark is boiled, the extracts are often made into a tincture for treating inflammation. The solution derived from the sap of the acacia tree is used in various parts of the world. Some people use the acacia extract as a detoxifying treatment. This may be found in powder or capsule form. Experts recommend users consult with a physician or health care expert before taking acacia extract internally.

An acacia bowl.
An acacia bowl.

Some natives of south America and Asia cook with acacia seeds and shoots. The shoots from the acacia tree have a distinctive flavor when boiled, and is often used for making spicy dishes, such as curry. It is also used for making spicy East-Indian-style soups. A few species of acacia are known to produce flowers that are sometimes used for making honey.

Pet supply manufacturers have also found a practical use for acacia wood. This tough wood is sometimes used for creating parrot perches and play stands. Acacia also withstands abuse from strong parrot beaks. Bird owners should only buy safe and non toxic products because birds have very delicate respiratory systems.

It is common for homeowners to plant acacia gardens from the acacia tree. Some species of this native Australian tree produce brightly colored flowers and silver leaves. The species often referred to as the silver wattle is most commonly used for decorative purposes in a backyard or around a poolside deck. Although there are more than 1,000 varieties of this tree, only a few are used for aesthetic purposes.

Furniture manufacturers choose to create products from acacia wood due to its tough structure. Furniture made with acacia wood will typically have a solid construction and last a long time. This makes acacia a perfect wood for outdoor furniture.

Acacia wood is a good choice for making hardwood floors. Many flooring experts recommend acacia wood for enhancing a room's decor. As an alternative to traditional wood flooring, acacia offers a more exotic presentation.

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Even if you don't want your entire room to be done in acacia wood, having elements of it as accent pieces is also very attractive Heavanet. I like placing acacia wood bowls and vases throughout a room to bring that woodsy, natural feel indoors.


Acacia wood flooring and furniture makes rooms look very beautiful. This type of wood has lovely grain patterns and a variety of colors. It is great for those who love a nature feel to their home decor.

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    • An acacia bowl.
      By: Juan Jose Gutierrez
      An acacia bowl.