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What are the Different Types of Yard Art?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Yard art is basically a blanket term for ornamental decor that decorates a residential or public lawn or yard. Different types of yard art include lawn sculptures, which may be made from various materials such as metal or cast iron, or lawn statues representing various art, animals, or designs. Some lawn art may depict special occasions or holidays, while other statues may be religious figures.

Garden art is popular in homes that have front- or back-yard gardens. Many people prefer to place small statuettes of wildlife such as rabbits and squirrels. Fairytale characters such as gnomes and wizards are another choice for yard art. A common material for this decor is weather-resistant resin. Ceramic is another popular choice, as is brass.

A fountain with a lion's face.
A fountain with a lion's face.

Lawn ornaments are a type of yard art that may include designs depicting children at play, or various animals and nature. Nature lovers may enjoy yard art depicting birds in flight or perhaps deer in a natural habitat setting. These may be casual and made from a heavy plastic, or more elaborately constructed with more costly materials such as brass.

Brass is a popular material used for garden art.
Brass is a popular material used for garden art.

Wind chimes are a very popular type of lawn ornament and may be considered yard art as well. Wind chimes generally are hung from a height at eye level and make a distinctive sound as the wind blows through them. They are typically made from some type of metal, such as brass. Wind spinners are placed with a stake into the soil or ground.

Stepping stones are generally placed in a garden for decorative purposes and for practicality as well. Stepping stones will frame a garden path, making it less likely for dirt to accumulate on a person's shoes. It also will save wear and tear on the lawn itself. This lawn art can be placed in any arrangement for a unique pattern and design and is often made from concrete.

Solar-powered ornaments such as globes and spheres are another type of yard art. These can add a decorative touch and light to an entryway. Many come in various colors and designs. Some of these ornaments feature a color-changing pattern as well. Most are made from glass.

Many people prefer to decorate their yard with water fountains and bird baths. Those who enjoy attracting various species of birds to their yard provide them as a source of water for their feathered friends. Many nature loving individuals feel that these ornamental pieces add an attractive touch to the yard as well.

Another type of yard art is lawn sculpting or landscaping art. This is done by creating a design in the landscape. These designs are also known as living sculptures or grass sculptures and can be created by someone with landscaping skills. Stripping a lawn is generally required and to do this a piece of machinery called a roller is typically used. For an effective visual, planting various types of grass seed is recommended.

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    • A fountain with a lion's face.
      A fountain with a lion's face.
    • Brass is a popular material used for garden art.
      By: AnneCatherine Mittey
      Brass is a popular material used for garden art.