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What are the Different Types of Wreaths?


Wreaths are traditionally circular objects made from natural or man-made materials used to decorate the home.

As the legend goes, wreaths, also sometimes known as diadems, were first used during the Persian Empire to mark the status of the nobility. These encircled the head, and were ornate circles fashioned of cloth or metal, sometimes encrusted with jewels. As the idea of wearing a wreath spread to other civilizations, the scholars and athletes of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire were honored by being awarded more humble ones made of laurel leaves or twigs.

It is believed that decorating walls with wreaths as we do today came about when an honoree chose to display their wreath by hanging it on the wall. A home decorating tradition was born — and the tradition continues today.

A house decorated with Christmas wreaths.
A house decorated with Christmas wreaths.

Many people only think of wreaths in connection to Christmas decorations, but there are many other different types — and they do not have specific ties to any particular religion. Different types can serve as year round decoration, from the welcoming of seasons or holidays to incorporating a certain color scheme into a room. Wreaths can adorn walls, doors, windows, tables, and fireplaces.

Artificial flowers may be used to accent a wreath.
Artificial flowers may be used to accent a wreath.

Natural materials such as boughs, branches and berries were likely used on the first types of decorative wreaths, but today they can range from the traditional evergreens of Christmas to those made from a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, or artificial and fresh flowers. Styles can range from rustic and homey to streamline and sophisticated.

The many different types of wreaths can be purchased ready-made, as craft kits, or by simply creating one yourself. They are only limited by the scope of your imagination. If you are shopping for different types, you can find a selection at home furnishings stores, arts and crafts fairs or shops, or online at decorating supply or flower delivery companies.

Most of the different types of wreaths are easy to care for. Those made from living greenery or flowers will only last a short period of time, but ones made from man-made materials can last for years. Proper care should be taken to dust or vacuum an artificial wreath to keep it looking fresh.

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Wreaths also make a great hair accessory. My friend's daughter used thin white silk wreaths decorated with beads for her special day. It looked beautiful and really completed the countryside wedding theme.


Wreath making is surprisngly addictive -- strange but true. I got into it a few years ago when I started making some holiday wreaths, and then just kept going through spring.

Once you start it's amazing how many things you can see that actually be made into a wreath -- I mean, everything from flowers to yarn to beans. I once even made a summer wreath entirely out of grass and flowers. Definitely not your average Christmas wreath, but still really pretty.

So if you're ever bored, try wreath making out sometime, you might be surprised how easy it is to get addicted to it!


Holiday wreaths are a great way to make use of scraps, recyclables, pine cones, old tree ornaments and much more you can imagine! I make several every year and we've even made it into a craft project with the kids. Their favorite is the popcorn wreath! It's really a lot of fun and an additional holiday pass-time with family. I love Christmas tree decoration too, but wreath making is becoming my favorite and it really brings a holiday spirit to the whole house.

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    • A house decorated with Christmas wreaths.
      By: Roman Milert
      A house decorated with Christmas wreaths.
    • Artificial flowers may be used to accent a wreath.
      By: photografer1980
      Artificial flowers may be used to accent a wreath.