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What Are the Different Types of Window Gates?

Window gates offer both security and aesthetic appeal, coming in various types such as fixed, swing-away, and removable models. Each type caters to different security needs and building styles, from classic wrought iron to modern steel designs. Considering a window gate upgrade? Explore how each type enhances home safety and complements your decor. What style will best suit your space?
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Window gates, also known as window guards and security screens, are produced in many varieties to fit all types of windows. The most common type of window guard locks into place over a standard sized single window. Some window gates are simple in design, while others are more ornate and decorative. Most window gates are made of steel, although some are constructed of high-grade plastic. Many types of window gates are detachable for easy relocation, while others are permanent.

The purpose of a window gate or guard is to prevent accidental falls from open windows. In many high-rise apartment buildings, or in homes with young children or pets, window guards can prevent a potentially fatal fall. A window screen can be knocked loose with minimal effort, but a window gate is constructed to provide security. Window guards are made for all types of windows, ranging from double-hung to sliding door.

Window gates can be made for all types of windows, including double hung varieties.
Window gates can be made for all types of windows, including double hung varieties.

Some window guards found in many luxury apartments mimic the look of a balcony. These window safety guards are often referred to as Juliette balconies. These gates do not distend from the building, however, they resemble the railing of a balcony, adding ornamentation to the building's exterior. Other than adding a visual appeal to a building, a Juliette balcony is constructed to provide window security.

One basic type of window guard is known as a window security bar. This type of gate is approximately 12-14 inches (30-35 centimeters) in height. A security bar will typically fit a window that is about 30-40 inches (76-101 centimeters) wide. Security window bars are typically constructed of steel, with a wooden frame. Some security bars are also stackable, to provide extra height as needed.

Window gates are also made for casement windows. These windows generally open outward and do not have window panes. Window guards for this type of window may need to be custom made for an exact fit, as window dimensions may vary.

Positioning for window gates may vary as well. Some window safety gates lock vertically, while others may be positioned horizontally. The type of window will determine which position will work best. These guards are typically made with a powder coated steel, and adjustable to fit various window dimensions.

Some window gates also act as a deterrent for intruders. These gates may be installed on all types of windows and are constructed of very heavy steel. This type of window security guard provides another option for homeowners who do not have a burglar alarm system installed.

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    • Window gates can be made for all types of windows, including double hung varieties.
      By: grigvovan
      Window gates can be made for all types of windows, including double hung varieties.