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What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Furniture?

Wholesale furniture comes in a myriad of styles, from modern and contemporary pieces to traditional and rustic designs. It caters to various settings, including residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. Whether you're seeking bulk orders of sleek office desks or cozy, plush sofas for a hotel lobby, there's a vast selection to meet every need. Curious about how to choose the right type for your space?
Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Some different types of wholesale furniture are accent furniture, bedroom furniture, and indoor and outdoor lighting. In addition, baby and children’s furniture can be sold wholesale to retailers. Some of these wholesale home furnishings are much easier to transport than others, so they are more often sold wholesale rather than made by the retailer. While a lot of these items can be purchased in small batches by consumers, most are not because it requires having a connection to the manufacturer, buying into a program that allows them to do so, or other difficulties that may not be worth spending time on.

A popular type of wholesale furniture is accent furniture, like wall art, large mirrors, and room-length rugs. These pieces of furniture are typically small and light, so they are relatively easy and inexpensive to ship. Shipping costs can play a major role in the cost of furniture, especially if the wholesale furniture company offers free shipping as an incentive. In most cases, the shipping is not actually free because the costs are recouped by upping the price of the furniture.

Chandeliers are a type of wholesale furniture.
Chandeliers are a type of wholesale furniture.

Another type of wholesale furniture is bedroom furniture, such as bed platforms, wardrobes, and nightstands. Many people prefer these items to be made from heavy wood, which is expensive to transport, so these items are less likely to be shipped unless in mass. They typically go straight from the manufacturer to a retailer who sells them to the average consumer. In many cases, bedroom furniture is made and sold by the same company because offsetting shipping and handling is difficult with some of the heaviest home furniture.

Nightstands are a popular type of wholesale furniture.
Nightstands are a popular type of wholesale furniture.

Both indoor and outdoor lighting are commonly purchased online. Many people are hesitant to purchase seating or beds because they wish to first test those pieces to see how comfortable they are. Unlike chairs and mattresses, however, lamps, chandeliers, and outdoor lanterns are easier to judge over a computer. The potential customer is usually told the height and width, the kind of bulbs the lamp is compatible with, and what the item is made from. There is little guessing involved when all that information is divulged and the shipping is on the inexpensive side compared to wooden furniture.

Yet another type of wholesale furniture is baby and children furniture. These items are typically much smaller than regular furniture and often made from plastic or other lightweight materials. From the manufacturer, these items go to chain retailers, baby boutiques, and children’s stores in malls. Like other wholesale furniture items, they are rarely ordered in bulk by the average consumer.

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    • Chandeliers are a type of wholesale furniture.
      By: Dmytro Smaglov
      Chandeliers are a type of wholesale furniture.
    • Nightstands are a popular type of wholesale furniture.
      By: xy
      Nightstands are a popular type of wholesale furniture.