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What are the Different Types of Walkway Canopy?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several types of walkway canopy options for use in residential and commercial settings. These landscape enhancement features are ideal for sheltering people, backyard paths, and doorways from the weather elements and also add visual interest to paths and walkways. Many different types of materials can be used in the production of walkway canopies, including canvas and metal, and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. These covers can be made and designed to suit any need, and there are several size options to ensure a perfect fit for the intended purpose. Walkway covers can be simple canopies or enhanced with all kinds of embellishments for a more ornate appearance.

Many different materials can be used to create durable and attractive walkway canopies including metal, canvas, glass, and wood. Metal and glass canopies are often used in urban developments to shelter pedestrians from the elements. Wooden and canvas canopies are often found in residential settings, and placed over decks, patios, and walkways designed for recreational purposes. Canvas canopies with metal frames are very popular for protecting the front door of businesses and shops, especially in historical districts. The most appropriate choice of material depends on the specific required function of the canopy.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Walkway canopy products can be manufactured to remain stationary or can be retractable for easy use when needed. In most cases, retractable canopies are made of metal, generally aluminum, and are found in commercial locations. These canopies include remote controls or control panels set in walls to allow the client to open or retract the canopy cover when suitable. It is more likely to find manually retractable canopy products used in residential applications as opposed to the automatic versions. This type of walkway canopy is usually controlled by a rotating handle for opening and closing the shade.

Each type of walkway canopy is available in a variety of sizes and can be used in many different locations. For city and urban applications, canopies often reach several meters in length and may accommodate hundreds of people at one time. Simpler designs and smaller sizes are ideal for protecting residential decks and patios, in addition to working well in business districts. It is not uncommon for each storefront to feature its own walkway canopy for the comfort of clients and passersby. Walkway canopies may also feature prominently in restaurants and taverns that offer outdoor dining in the warm, summer months.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower