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What are the Different Types of Security Gates?

Security gates are the sentinels of your property, coming in various styles like swing, slide, bi-folding, and barrier arms, each tailored to specific needs and spaces. From the robust cantilever for industrial sites to the elegant wrought iron for private residences, there's a gate for every purpose. Curious about which gate best secures your space? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Security gates can be used to keep intruders from entering a property, and there are various types available. Automatic gates typically come to mind when the subject of security gates is brought up, since they are considered more convenient for homeowners than the kind that are secured with a physical lock and key. Single and double gates are also available as driveway gates, as are both sliding and swinging gates. The best type to use typically depends on the amount of space available, which is why there are several types on the market.

Most modern properties with driveway gates feature automatic security gates, allowing the homeowner to stay in the car while opening the fence with a remote control. Such security fences also often feature a keypad that allows drivers to enter a code that opens the gate, which is helpful for when they forget their remote control. Though automatic gates are often considered convenient, they are typically more expensive than the type of security fencing that requires homeowners to get out of their car, unlock the padlock, and push the gate open before entering. For this reason, choosing between the two types of security gates usually comes down to budget and convenience.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Homeowners interested in residential security gates have a choice between single and double driveway gates. A single gate is usually best for the average driveway, while double gates are usually better for large properties that are far away from other homes, as well as areas with high traffic. Thus, single gates are usually ideal for homes in the city, while both houses in the countryside and apartment complexes are more likely to need double gates. Both space and budgeting are usually involved in making the choice between single and double security fences.

Another type of security fencing is a swinging gate, which is ideal for areas with lots of space. This kind of fence usually swings backward so that the car waiting to enter is not struck by it, which means that there needs to be enough room behind the gate for the door to clear the area. When space is at a premium, a sliding gate may be used, and there are two main types. One features wheels that rest on the ground, and the gate sits on top of them as it slides open. The other type of gate is suspended in midair, with wheels attached to a bar in the middle of the fencing, which is affixed to either a wall or a different part of the fence. While the choice between a swinging or sliding gate comes down to available space, the choice between sliding styles has to do with personal preference.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass