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What are the Different Types of Precast Concrete Retaining Walls?

Dana DeCecco
Dana DeCecco

Precast concrete retaining walls are used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. A wide range of engineered earth retaining systems provide durable solutions for contractors and homeowners. Precast concrete panels and interlocking blocks can be used for earth retaining and other projects. Precast products are available in designs and styles that look like natural stone and brickwork.

Segmental precast concrete retaining walls are interlocking modular blocks. They provide a solid vertical wall that retains the lateral pressure created by backfill earth. A wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes can be installed in a straight or curved configuration. Corners and steps can be incorporated in the design process for a unique landscaping solution. A seemingly endless array of special landscape features can be built into the landscaping plan.

Many earth retaining systems can help contractors and homeowners.
Many earth retaining systems can help contractors and homeowners.

Modular blocks are used for grade changes as well as widening usable areas. Sitting walls and outdoor partition walls can be erected to provide security and safety. Segmental systems can be installed without a concrete footer allowing rapid construction methods for grade changes and related earth retaining projects. Sizes range from small hand laid blocks for the do-it-yourself homeowner to large heavy blocks for commercial use.

An extensive line of paving and patio blocks are available to complement the precast concrete retaining walls. Matching or contrasting stone and brick patterns create a total landscape environment. The aesthetic value of precast products rivals authentic stonework and brickwork. Flexibility and cost effectiveness make precast concrete a great choice for contractors and homeowners. Authentic looking designs provide a high end look without the high end price.

Stamped concrete panels create beautiful precast concrete retaining walls. Footings and steel reinforcement are typically required for the installation of concrete panels. Matching privacy fences can be installed to create consistency in the landscape resulting in a continuous flow of the same texture and material. Stamped concrete panels can retain as much as eight feet of earth. Realistic stone patterns are reproduced from actual stonework including mortar joints and every detail.

Commercial uses for precast concrete products are widely varied. Railroads and building contractors use precast products for retaining walls, freestanding walls, and veneer projects. Precast products can be seen on highways and bridges providing structural and aesthetic value.

Precast concrete retaining walls may be subject to local building codes depending on height and other factors. Products and sample projects should be on display at a local stone supply showroom. Pictures and technical information are available online from national manufacturers.

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    • Many earth retaining systems can help contractors and homeowners.
      By: Elenathewise
      Many earth retaining systems can help contractors and homeowners.