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What are the Different Types of Ornamental Gates?

Ornamental gates are not just entry points; they're artful statements that enhance your property's aesthetic. From the classic wrought iron to modern aluminum designs, each type offers unique charm and security. Intricate scrollwork, bold geometric patterns, and custom motifs can reflect personal style or architectural harmony. Curious about how an ornamental gate could transform your space? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera

There are many different types of ornamental gates, including entry gates, garden gates, and property gates. They can be made from wood, iron, or brick, and be just about any color. Wooden entry or property gates are a popular option because not only is the material inexpensive, but it can be painted or stained for an elegant look. Iron is generally one of the most expensive materials to use for a gate, but it is long-lasting and can be paired with brick or stone to create an impressive entry, property, or security gate. Brick and stone are rarely used on the actual gate, but are frequently used to create an arch over the gate or support the sides.

Wooden ornamental gates might require a bit more upkeep than iron, but they can be repainted or stained whenever the homeowner wants a new look for his or her property. This is a very flexible material that can be used for the garden or driveway entry. While these ornamental gates typically last years, even treated wood will eventually show signs of enduring wet weather. For an ornamental gate that lasts for generations, homeowners generally go with wrought iron supported with brick or stone.

Wrought iron gates can be both practical and decorative.
Wrought iron gates can be both practical and decorative.

Wrought iron ornamental gates are known for their sturdiness, but they are susceptible to rust if not taken proper care of. These gates are often heavier than wooden ones, and usually black in color. Ornamental wrought iron gates are frequently used as entry gates, but can be used as garden gates. While sometimes used as a stand-alone property feature, wrought iron gates can be connected to a decorative fence that surrounds the property. If not purely wrought iron, the fences usually contain some brick, though sometimes stone is used instead.

Brick is often used to support wrought iron gates because red bricks are frequently considered complimentary to black iron. Though not the gate itself, brick columns or arches are sometimes an important aspect of installing an ornamental property gate. It is somewhat uncommon to pair wooden gates with brick columns, but it is occasionally done.

Most ornamental gates, no matter what material they are made from, can be set up to be a remote control gate. This often works similar to remote control garage doors. It is useful when a homeowner wants to keep a property gate shut, but does not wish to manually open and close it every time he or she leaves.

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    • Wrought iron gates can be both practical and decorative.
      By: Swet
      Wrought iron gates can be both practical and decorative.