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What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Storage Containers?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

There are numerous types of kitchen storage containers, from airtight, waterproof canisters to open-weave baskets and bins. There are countless items to store in a kitchen, and just as many different types of kitchen storage containers, including spice jars, cookie jars and salt keepers. Even potatoes and garlic bulbs have special containers to keep them fresh, as do onions, bread and tea.

Kitchen storage containers for spices are often clear glass or acrylic so it is easy to identify the spices and know how much of each spice is available. Spice containers are typically small so they are commonly organized in racks, and the containers can often be stacked. Cooking salt can be stored in an olive wood salt keeper, a maple salt box or a stoneware salt crock. Garlic bulbs can be kept fresh in a ceramic garlic keeper.

A food storage container.
A food storage container.

Airtight canisters are often used as storage containers to keep staples such as flour, sugar and tea fresh and easy to access. Canisters come in a variety of materials, including acrylic, pottery and plastic. Some canisters have screw-on lids, while others have lids which clamp down to make the airtight and waterproof seal. Kitchen storage containers also include canisters that are designed specifically for potatoes, onions and garlic.

Ceramic containers are frequently used to keep garlic bulbs fresh.
Ceramic containers are frequently used to keep garlic bulbs fresh.

Glass canisters shaped like old-fashioned candy jars have large lid openings and offer easy access to cookies, candy and other treats. Cookie jars can be clear glass jars, pottery-shaped like an animal and just about everything in between. Plastic and acrylic storage containers are also made for storing cookies. A variety of kitchen storage containers are available to store and organize utensils and silverware. From a ceramic or wood crock to a portable caddy, utensil storage can be used on a counter top or inside a drawer or cupboard.

Pasta, such as spaghetti noodles, can be a challenge to store because of length. Specially-designed, tall canisters for noodles are available in wood, plastic and metal. Crackers have been stored in tins for years, and metal tins and plastic containers designed to keep crackers fresh are readily available. Bread boxes, or bread keepers, are also available in wood, plastic and metal.

Baskets and bins are often used as storage containers. Plastic stacking bins can help organize cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. Wire bins can help to neatly store larger items. Pet food is often stored in the kitchen, so treat canisters and wheeled, airtight pet food containers can be used for storage of food in bulk.

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I have a beautiful collection of glass containers that I use to make infused olive oils. The containers have a wide base and a thin neck with a pouring spout to make for ease of use.

A friend of mine turned me on to infused oils a few years a go and now I am hooked. It is such an easy and fun way to make exotic kind of oils in your own home. Right now I am making a jalapeno oil, a lemon grass oil and a sage oil. In about another month they should be ready to go.


I always put cereal into a special container as soon as I open the box. I like to keep a variety on hand and I don't eat a ton of cereal so often times it sits in my cupboard for a long time. If I just leave it in the packaging inside the box it always gets stale buy the time I get around to eating it.


This is probably strange to hear, but my favorite kind of kitchen storage container is a long slim piece of Tupperware that I have to put spaghetti noodles into. I have this weird problem where I always seem to be knocking boxes of spaghetti out of the cabinet. The box breaks open, the noodles spill all over the floor and then I have a big mess to clean up.

But if I keep the noodles in a container that has a strong lid on the top I can drip the noodles on the floor all day long without any hassles.

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    • A food storage container.
      By: withGod
      A food storage container.
    • Ceramic containers are frequently used to keep garlic bulbs fresh.
      By: atoss
      Ceramic containers are frequently used to keep garlic bulbs fresh.