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What are the Different Types of Interior Doors?

J. Beam
J. Beam

An interior door is any door that does not provide access to the outside of a home or building, like a closet door, bedroom door, bathroom door, or office door.

Standard interior doors are simply one-piece doors that fit an opening and are mounted on hinges to one side of the opening. They swing out or into a room, depending on installation, and can accommodate a doorknob, which can be locked from inside the room. Some of these doors are solid wood, but many are hollow. They can be stained or primed and painted. A six-panel door is also a standard type of interior door, but with recessed panels added as a design element.

Closet doors and doors in room entrances are interior doors.
Closet doors and doors in room entrances are interior doors.

Another type of interior door is the bi-fold door. Bi-fold doors are used for closets and between two frequently used rooms. Bi-fold doors are two doors hinged together that fold into one another. They are mounted on a track that hangs from the head, or top, of the opening. An opening can hold one single bi-fold door or two doors that meet in the middle. They are a popular choice because when they are opened, there is less intrusion into the room than standard doors. The design of bi-fold doors can be solid, louvered, or a combination of both. There are also six-paneled bi-fold doors for added design. Bi-fold doors are generally not used for areas requiring privacy, such as bathrooms.

A man opening an interior door.
A man opening an interior door.

Luan doors are also doors that are mounted from a track at the head of the opening. The opening houses two doors that slide, one behind the other. Luan doors are commonly used as closet doors and they take up no additional space in the room when opened. However, their design prohibits both sides of the closet being accessible simultaneously, thus reducing the opening by half once installed.

Pocket doors are interior doors that slide away from the opening and into the wall. They are very popular, especially in new construction, because they allow an opening to be fully accessible while not requiring any space. They can be locked, and thus work for any room. However, replacing interior doors with pocket doors is far more extensive than any other type or replacement. There must be a non-load bearing wall wide enough to house the door next to the opening and the existing framing must be torn out and replaced with framing that will accommodate the pocket door.

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My parents house has interior wood doors with standard round door knobs. When I moved into my first home, all the interior doors had levers instead of knobs, and that took some getting used to.

However, I like it better now. If I have my hands full, it is so easy to open the bedroom door. I can use my elbow and I don't have to put down what I'm holding.


@seag47 – Wow, if you are really afraid of the kids breaking the glass doors, then you shouldn't get any. Wood sounds like your best option.

I do love decorative interior doors, and I must say that glass ones are some of the most beautiful. I have an etched glass door in a pine frame between the kitchen and the living room that is just gorgeous.

The design of a curvy plant has been etched into the glass. The blank area surrounding the plant is frosted, so the only areas you can see through are the thin lines of the etching.


Are interior glass doors a good idea? I like being able to see from one room into another, but I'm afraid that my sister's kids might break the glass when they come over. They can be a bit rambunctious at times.


My closet has luan doors, though I didn't know this was what they were called until I read this article. I had just always called them sliding doors.

Instead of a door knob, there is a recessed circular area at the edge of each door. This is where I place my fingers to pull or push the door.

It is a bit annoying at times not to have access to the whole closet at once. However, if all I'm doing is hanging up clothes, I always know which side I need to open. I have a system of organization, and I have it memorized.


Double doors. Now, how about this word? Astragal. That's the molding that hides the crack between the two double doors.


This article is fantastic!


What is the correct name for two hinged doors which, when closed, meet in the middle of a single doorway?

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    • Closet doors and doors in room entrances are interior doors.
      By: sergey02
      Closet doors and doors in room entrances are interior doors.
    • A man opening an interior door.
      By: Aleksan Ghojoyan
      A man opening an interior door.