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What Are the Different Types of Home Air Fresheners?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

A fresh smelling home always feels cleaner and more inviting. This is clearly one of the top reasons that home air fresheners are so popular. New styles and fragrances continue to emerge, creating a huge variety of scents and fragrances, and even fragrance free air deodorizers intended to neutralize odors. From new styles such as those that plug in and use a tiny fan to disperse fragrance, to old-fashioned favorites like self-standing gel styles with adjustable plastic caps, you can find an option to freshen up any area of your home.

Air fresheners come in sprays that sanitize the air, neutralize odor, or simply cover it up. Some neutralizers are dual purpose products that work to eliminate the source of an odor while leaving a clean scent in its place. Spray air deodorizers come in plain spray cans that can be stored when not in use and miniature cans that are hidden behind a decorative cover on the wall and operated as simply as a spray can with a push-button mechanism. Many spray air deodorizers are pressure adjustable to increase or decrease the amount of fragrance released with each touch of the button.

Diffusers are a good way to spread the scent of natural oils.
Diffusers are a good way to spread the scent of natural oils.

Some designs work best in different types of spaces, such as drawers, closets and other storage areas. Air fresheners that stick to a surface have adjustable caps that can be opened just a little to allow a minimum amount of fragrance to escape or opened all the way to allow a stronger release. There are also fragrance sticks that can be used in almost any space or placed in a vacuum cleaner bag to refresh the room while vacuuming.

Some air fresheners employ very unique designs. One type comes in a decorative container which releases tiny puffs of fragrance into the air at given intervals. You can actually see the puff as it is released. Another style is modeled after a CD player and "plays" cartridges that contain different fragrances for a certain length of time.

Other air fresheners are more decorative, including those with etched glass covers and those that look similar to candles but are really gel based air fresheners in glass containers. Scented candles are also popular, as are various types of potpourri. Don't discount fabric refreshers either. These can be sprayed directly onto sofas, chairs, window treatments and other fabrics, including carpets, to freshen any room in the home.

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SauteePan- I usually use Febreeze. I usually spray it on furniture and a little around the house and it makes everything smell so fresh. They also sell soy candles as well. Those I have not tried yet.


I just have to say that I love air fresheners. I use the Plug Ins and candles. Also, I use the air freshener with the sensors.

It sprays out every time you walk in front of it. I love the smell of a nice clean house. I usually buy the ocean mist scent or something related to ocean air. I think it smells the cleanest and it is so refreshing.

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    • Diffusers are a good way to spread the scent of natural oils.
      By: Monkey Business
      Diffusers are a good way to spread the scent of natural oils.