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What Are the Different Types of Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless shower screens offer a sleek, modern aesthetic to any bathroom, with various styles to suit your space. From fixed panels to hinged doors, each type provides a unique blend of functionality and elegance. Sliding doors save space, while corner units maximize it. What style will elevate your bathroom's design? Discover how each frameless screen can transform your daily shower experience.
C. Holder
C. Holder

Frameless shower screens are some of the most beautiful and elegant elements that can be added to any bathroom. These screens are known for their crisp, modern lines and give the illusion of spaciousness in a petite bathroom. There are many types of shower screens that can be purchased, including L-shaped, sliding, bi-fold, pivot and quadrant screens. Some examples of glass available for each of these shower screen types are clear, etched, tinted and sandblasted tempered glass.

L-shaped frameless shower screens consist of two glass panels meeting in the middle from a corner of the bathroom. One glass panel will include the shower door on a panel hinge. It creates a spacious look in the smallest of bathrooms.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Sliding frameless shower screens are hung with metal clips from an overhead track. The metal clips come in a variety of shapes and secure the glass to the walls. The edge of the tempered glass bows slightly inward to allow water to flow into the shower. The doors are trackless and open from either direction. The glass is connected with silicone joints for a seamless appearance.

Bi-fold frameless shower screens are best for corners. They have only one opening and can be purchased with the handle on the left or the right. The doors are made of glass panels that fold inwardly and then slide completely to one side so that water does not drip onto the bathroom floor. The bi-fold door on this shower screen does not have to have the clearance that a swinging shower door does.

The pivot-style frameless shower screen mounts from top to bottom, from the ceiling to the floor, and can be swung inwardly or outwardly. A pivot hinge is used which allows the door to rotate on an axis. It gives a wider opening than a traditional-sized sliding glass shower screen.

Quadrant frameless shower screens are shower screens with the two shower walls from the corner making the first two sides. Two glass panels from the corner walls meet the large front shower door, which completes the five sides. This shower screen design allows the largest shower space possible in a small bathroom.

Popular frameless shower screens come in many designs as well. These include corner, fixed-partition, over-bath, wall-to-wall, U-shaped and rectangular shower screens. Custom-made shower screens are also available. They allow the tile of bathroom floors and walls to shine through. Whichever shower type or design of shower screen is chosen for a bathroom, it will make the bathroom feel spacious and look modern and elegant.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing