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What are the Different Types of Flag Holders?

Flag holders come in various styles, each designed to showcase your flag with pride. From sturdy ground spikes for gardens to elegant wall mounts for your home's facade, the options cater to every display need. Adjustable brackets offer versatility, while commemorative stands add a touch of solemnity. How will you choose to honor your flag? Continue reading to find your perfect match.
J. Beam
J. Beam

There are several different types of flag holders for use around the house or in the garden. Some flag holders are mountable to a vertical surface, while others are freestanding. Some holders can accommodate a full-size flag, while others are very small, designed to hold decorative garden flags.

Most decorative garden flag holders are designed as stakes. These holders have spikes at the bottom that run into the ground for support and are lightweight enough not to need further anchoring. These holders are designed with a horizontal bar that the top seam of the flag slips onto and hangs from. The standard garden flag bracket is designed to accommodate what is often retailed as a “mini” flag, which measures approximately 12 to 13 inches (30.5 to 33 cm) in width.

The U.S. flag should always be flown above a state flag.
The U.S. flag should always be flown above a state flag.

House flags are larger flags designed to be hung from a flag holder mounted directly to the house. Typically, a house flag bracket features a bracket, which mounts with screws to any vertical surface of your house, deck, porch, or patio, and a flagpole that fits nicely into the bracket. Typical decorative house flags are between 28 and 30 inches (71.1 to 76.2 cm) in width.

Full-size flagpoles use a rope and pulley system to hoist a flag.
Full-size flagpoles use a rope and pulley system to hoist a flag.

Decorative flag holders may be wooden, metal, or wrought iron and are available in different colors. The most common type of decorative flag holder is the garden stake, which is usually black. House flag bracketsz are often metal or wooden, and there are many models available to suit nearly any personal preference.

Many people choose to erect full-size flagpoles in their yards, set in concrete. These are metal poles with a rope pulley system designed to accommodate full-size American or state flags. Remember that there are rules of etiquette that apply to the handling and raising of an American flag. For example, the American flag should always be hung at a higher elevation than a state, college sport, or decorative flag, should never touch the ground, and should not be flown in the rain or when tattered or damaged.

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If you need to mount your flag on a balcony railing or a pool fence, they make a flag bracket kit that fits on all types of square posts. Maybe this will be of help.


Our small town has a parade every Fourth of July. This is the only day of the year where our town is crowded. For many years now we have driven a car in the parade to advertise our business.

In addition to a sign for my business, I also have a flag holder for my car which holds the American flag. There are many other cars and floats that will do the same thing.

Even though it is something that is very simple, I think it carries a lot of meaning behind it. When you see most of the entries with a way to hold the flag as they are walking in the parade, it really encourages a patriotic spirit.

When I go with my family to decorate graves every year, I have often noticed the cemetery flag holders. Many of these are for people who have served in the military. I think these add a very nice touch whether they are for former military members or not.

I have a mini flag holder in my yard, but this is for a decorative garden flag and not to hold a national flag.

This holder consists of stakes that easily push into the ground. At the end of the season, I remove the flag holder and store it in the garage for the winter.


My parents have a beautifully landscaped yard, and my mom loves spending time outside in her yard and garden. In the center of their yard, they have a flagpole with the American flag attached to it.

Is one of the rules of etiquette that the flag needs to be lit at night? They have lights surrounding the bottom of the flagpole that automatically come on at a certain time every evening.

The flagpole in the center of their yard is the focal point that everything else revolves around. It looks great any time of day, but I especially like it at night when the lights are illuminating it.


I have a flag pole holder that mounts to the side of my deck. This holder and flag was given to me when my grandparents passed away and it has sentimental value to me.

I like the idea of displaying a flag on my deck, and keep this outside all year round. It is nothing fancy, but it works for me and I don't have to mess with something like a big flagpole.

It doesn't seem people display flags nearly as often as they used to. When I was growing up many people would have temporary flag holders for Memorial Day or Independence Day, but that was about the only time they displayed them.


I am also in need of a flag pole bracket to attach to a round vinyl column. Where may I find these?


I am looking for a rounded bracket for our columns as well. If you found one, please let me know. Thanks!


Is there a flag pole bracket designed to attach to a vinyl spindle column? We replaced are square wooden columns with vinyl and don't know what kind of bracket to use. There is no flat surface to attach a bracket to - is there a strap that would work?

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    • The U.S. flag should always be flown above a state flag.
      By: cphotos100
      The U.S. flag should always be flown above a state flag.
    • Full-size flagpoles use a rope and pulley system to hoist a flag.
      By: zhu difeng
      Full-size flagpoles use a rope and pulley system to hoist a flag.
    • The American flag should never be permitted to touch the ground.
      By: tiero
      The American flag should never be permitted to touch the ground.