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What are the Different Types of Fence Post Caps?

Fence post caps are more than just decorative; they protect your posts from weather damage. Options range from wood and vinyl to metal and solar-powered lights, each adding a unique touch to your fence line. Whether seeking durability or flair, there's a cap to fit your style. Curious about how each type enhances your outdoor space? Let's explore further.
Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Fence post caps are special decorative caps on the top of fence posts. There are many types of caps available today. They come in various shapes and colors and give the appearance of a professional landscape yard. Caps are available in wood, ceramic, brass, and plastic. They are easily attached to most fence posts with screws and provide an elegant presentation to the yard area.

There are fence post caps for each type of fence. It is best to install the caps that match the material of the fence being installed. This blends the post cap into the fence, which gives a natural appearance. Wood fence post caps are an excellent choice for wood fences because they look like they were designed specifically for the fence.

Many fence post caps include solar lights. This is a nice feature that illuminates the yard. Solar-lighted fence posts caps are typically more expensive than standard caps but add sophistication to the overall landscaping.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

A Gothic fence post cap is designed with an arrow head pointed end. These fence posts caps are typically used on picket fences because the post caps match the arrow heads of the pickets within the fence. The Gothic gaps are available in vinyl and wood.

Ceramic fence post caps are made from glass. These caps are extremely delicate but include some of the most beautiful designs. Most ceramic caps are hand painted and are better suited for fences built of plastic of vinyl material. These ceramic fixtures are typically white, which tends to match better with vinyl fence posts.

A ball cap is another traditional fence post cap design. This type of cap has a large ball on the top of the fence posts. Most ball caps are used in entry ways or gates because they make a good transition from a standard cap on the other posts.

Brass is another type of fence post cap. These come in multiple shapes and designs and give the appearance of a brass crown on top of the fence posts. Brass will fade over time and will require periodic polishing to ensure the luster lasts many years.

Fence post caps are also available with sculpture design patterns. Some examples include horses and lions. These sculptures are attached on the top of the post cap and give an elegant design for the home entrance.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower