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What are the Different Kinds of Futon Parts?

Futons are versatile pieces, blending comfort and functionality. Their anatomy includes a sturdy frame, often wood or metal, a pliable mattress, and a cover that adds personality. Grips and rollers facilitate easy transformation, while optional storage drawers maximize space. Intrigued by the fusion of style and practicality? Discover how each part contributes to the futon's adaptability in our comprehensive guide. What will you find?
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Futons are fairly simple pieces of furniture, with only a handful of different parts. The futon frame is typically made of metal or wood and is able to be folded out from a couch into a bed, while the mattress is usually necessary for comfort. Many people like the versatility of futon covers, as they can be placed over a mattress to quickly change the look. Finally, there are a few types of futon hardware, such as hinges, screws, and nuts and bolts. All of these futon parts combined allow this kind of furniture to be somewhat sturdy and comfortable.

The typical futon frame is made of either metal or wood. Most are made of two sections, though some are made of three. Both types can typically fold up into a couch or loveseat, and then become flattened into a bed, allowing this type of furniture to act as both a place to sit or a place to sleep. The majority of futon frames also come with armrests, which flatten out to look like the top and bottom part of a bed frame once the futon is spread out into a bed. Both wooden and metal frames often come in different colors so that they can fit well in any home.

Futons can fold down into a bed position.
Futons can fold down into a bed position.

The futon mattress is an important part of this product, and ranges from thin and basic to thick and quite comfortable. In fact, the typical futon mattress used to be difficult for most people to sleep on since it was usually not very thick. Now it is possible to find these crucial futon parts made of memory foam, innerspring coils, and high quality fabric. Most are available in a few colors, but some style can be added with optional mattress covers. These futon parts can typically be zipped onto the mattress, and come in varying fabrics and prints so that the futon can match most home décor.

Some of the most important futon parts are often forgotten about since consumers do not get to choose them when selecting this product. For instance, most futons come with plenty of screws, nuts, and bolts to keep all the pieces tightly together. A futon that is missing any of these parts is in danger of falling apart easily, or constantly squeaking or wobbling when in use. Hinges are among the most essential futon parts, as they are placed under the frame so that it can smoothly go from a couch position to a bed position, and then back again.

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Discussion Comments


The best and worst part of a futon is how few parts it has. Its nice that there are only a couple when you are putting it together. But if something breaks like the frame, which is the biggest part, you have no choice but to replace it.

I have a futon which has a huge bend in the middle. It is really uncomfortable to sleep or sit on. I can't just get a new rod or something, I have to replace the whole frame which means the whole futon. What a pain in the neck.


The most important part of a futon bed in my opinion is the mattress. It doesn't matter what kind of structure a futon has, if the mattress is uncomfortable it will not be worth it to sleep on.

Luckily a futon mattress is pretty easy to swap out if you end up with a lousy one. They sell them at most futon stores or you can design one of your own. I made one out of some old foam. It sounds busted but it's actually really comfortable.


If you ever buy a futon make sure that you hold on to all the parts. Finding replacement parts can be a huge headache and it is often easier to get a new futon all together.

A few years ago I lost a few nuts and bolts and this weird piece of my futon that disconnected. I contacted the manufacturer and the store that sold me the futon but neither were able to sell me spare parts. And obviously, without the parts the futon would not go together. I had to take it to the curb.

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    • Futons can fold down into a bed position.
      By: vgstudio
      Futons can fold down into a bed position.