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What are the Best Tips for Scrapbooking Rooms?

Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson

In recent years, the craft of scrapbooking has become a trendy hobby. Albums that once contained only photographs have been transformed with many artistic embellishments as part of a scrapbook. Those who create them often use many different materials, and the process can take up a lot of space. Scrapbooking rooms provide a dedicated work area as well as a place to keep all the supplies organized. The best tips for scrapbooking rooms focus on the organization, furniture, lighting, and décor of the room.

In order to maintain scrapbooking rooms that are functional, organization must be a top priority. Due to the large amount of scrapbook supplies and tools, if the room is not organized properly, finding items when needed can be a difficult task. The use of clear storage bins can be helpful when organizing materials and photographs. Combine materials together that are similar to one another; for example, all of the tools used to cut photographs and paper could go into a bin labeled “Cutting tools.” To keep the various types of paper and stickers organized, use a filing system with labeled folders for each category or theme.

Good lighting is important for scrapbooking rooms.
Good lighting is important for scrapbooking rooms.

The best scrapbooking rooms are equipped with a large table. Working on a large table when creating pages allows plenty of space for the materials and photographs. For individuals who scrapbook together, a large table provides enough workspace for everyone.

Shelves are a great way to organize supply bins and completed albums, making them easily accessible. Wire shelving is an inexpensive type of shelving system that can be installed with a minimal amount of skill. Wire shelving is sold in do-it-yourself kits or can be cut to length for custom applications.

A gridded surface may make it easier to cut scrapbooking paper accurately and quickly.
A gridded surface may make it easier to cut scrapbooking paper accurately and quickly.

Scrapbook pages often contain small intricate details that require adequate light to construct. For starters, the room should have a bright ceiling light that provides general lighting. Next, add a desk lamp to enhance the lighting when working on the finer details of scrapbooking projects.

Scrapbooking rooms should feature a welcoming environment that inspires creativity, and should at the same time be a comfortable place where an individual can enjoy the craft. Applying certain colors to the walls can transform the mood and overall atmosphere of the room. Bright, vivid colors are considered motivating and energizing, while the use of warm or natural tones gives the room a relaxed and cozy feel. Decorating the room with favorite paintings, photographs or favorite items can help to inspire the imagination.

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If you are going to make a scrapbook craft room and have kids it is a good idea to set up a little art center for them if they are younger and need to be supervised. I put up a kids easel and a table for all of their supplies in the corner of my scrapbooking room.

I think its great to be able to see my kids and still be able to work on my scrapbook albums without having to run out every five minutes and get them out of trouble. Lucky for me, my kids love painting and playing with clay and doing little craft projects. So it was no trouble adding a spot for them.


@manykitties2 - If you are looking for some scrapbooking room ideas that will make organization easier, I would visit a store like IKEA and check out all of the different kinds of storage boxes they have. I purchased a whole collection of storage boxes and picked up some inexpensive shelving that I felt would fit all of my supplies.

I think the main thing you need to do when considering your scrapbook room design is getting enough storage to tuck everything away, and having things look good again. I have boxes for stickers, glues, and speciality paper. Pretty much everything has its own spot.


When I first got into scrapbooking I was pretty organized, but it seems that I have ended up becoming overwhelmed by scrapbook paper and all sorts of supplies. I have actually taken over our spare bedroom and have taken to dumping anything new I get there. I think that now I really need to get organized, as the whole place is getting to be a bit too chaotic even for me.

Can anyone give me some tips on what kind of scrapbook room furniture I should look for and what scrapbook storage would be best?

I am also open to any other scrapbook room ideas that anyone might have. I just really want to get organized so I don't end up getting crushed under piles of stickers.

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    • Good lighting is important for scrapbooking rooms.
      By: Monkey Business
      Good lighting is important for scrapbooking rooms.
    • A gridded surface may make it easier to cut scrapbooking paper accurately and quickly.
      By: Theo Malings
      A gridded surface may make it easier to cut scrapbooking paper accurately and quickly.