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What are the Best Corsage Flowers?

Brendan McGuigan
Brendan McGuigan

A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers worn on clothing or around the wrist, usually on a day of some significance, like a wedding or a prom. Although a corsage may be worn pinned to a dress, the type of corsage most people are familiar with is worn around the wrist on an elastic band of some sort. The corsage is traditionally worn on the left wrist, often in lieu of some sort of jewelry, and is usually purchased by a date or someone else close to the woman.

Many blooms can be used as corsage flowers, and there are really only a few rules of thumb to keep in mind before rushing out an buying a corsage for your date. First, make sure you know the color dress she will be wearing to the special event, as a corsage should match or complement the dress. If you are unable to find out what color dress she will be wearing, you can stick to corsage flowers in widely-matching colors, especially white.

The flowers used in a corsage will depend on the occasion.
The flowers used in a corsage will depend on the occasion.

You also want to ensure that the corsage flowers you choose have an attractive scent. Corsages are a type of nosegay, and are really meant to add not only a splash of color, but also a natural perfume to the wearer. If you are able to find corsage flowers with truly striking scents, your date will undoubtedly be thrilled, as she will be able to show off the corsage for its scent throughout the party. If you can’t find flowers with particularly lovely scents, at least avoid those that have strikingly unpleasant odors, and stick more to neutral flowers.

Roses are a popular corsage choice for prom.
Roses are a popular corsage choice for prom.

Roses, of course, are the most popular corsage flowers for proms, as they signify a level of class. The color of rose may convey certain things, depending on how serious your date takes such traditions, so you may want to be careful what color you choose here, even if it does match the dress. Red roses, for example, signify love and affection, while white roses signify purity and innocence. Yellow roses, on the other hand, generally signify friendship, so while ideal if you are going to prom with a close friend, this may give the wrong idea to a potential romantic partner. More exotic colors have meanings less likely to be picked up on, with orange signifying desire, blue signifying the unattainable, and peach signifying gratitude.

White roses symbolize purity.
White roses symbolize purity.

White poppies are a very popular type of flower for wedding corsages, as the white matches the theme of most weddings, and their petals look quite nice in the small arrangements of corsages. Often a spray of a colorful flower will be added to a white poppy corsage, with, for example, a bit of forget-me-nots added to liven them up. Bellflowers are also popular wedding corsage flowers, especially for summer weddings. And for a slightly more refined wedding, often the chrysanthemum is the flower of choice, both white and gently sculpted in a way that signifies elegance and class.

Pink roses may symbolize friendship.
Pink roses may symbolize friendship.

Whatever flowers you go with, make sure to include a bit of greenery in the corsage as well, to lend color and balance to your overall design. Even in prom corsages, a little spray of some tiny flowers can be beautiful, with flowers like baby’s breath or miniature carnations especially popular. And of course, if your date happens to have a favorite flower, you could try to get a custom corsage made with that variety, which can add a bit of originality to her entire ensemble, while showing that you pay attention to her likes.

Discussion Comments


I think the best corsage flower is a rose. Quite frankly, carnations are just cheap and ugly.


I love carnations even though they're so "common". They outlast most other flowers, and smell fantastic.


Some people prefer to use synthetic or silk flowers for their corsage. These are especially common in bridal bouquets for sentimental newlyweds who like to preserve the bridal bouquet as a keepsake of the wedding day.


The tiny white flowers called Baby's Breath really highlight the main flower chosen for the corsage. The delicate little snowy spray serves as a sort of nest for the centerpiece.

Sometimes glitter or fake dew drops are also used to accentuate the flower petals and greenery of the corsage.


Carnations are one of the most popular flower choices for corsages. However, they are so common that they have become cliche. In my opinion, the flowers chosen for the corsage should compliment the style of dress worn and also reflect the taste of the person wearing the corsage. In addition, wrist corsages are often preferred to avoid putting pin holes in a formal gown.

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    • The flowers used in a corsage will depend on the occasion.
      By: BVDC
      The flowers used in a corsage will depend on the occasion.
    • Roses are a popular corsage choice for prom.
      By: Mariusz Blach
      Roses are a popular corsage choice for prom.
    • White roses symbolize purity.
      By: Eric Isselée
      White roses symbolize purity.
    • Pink roses may symbolize friendship.
      By: ulchik74
      Pink roses may symbolize friendship.
    • Flowers with unpleasant odors should be avoided for use as corsage flowers.
      By: Vera Kuttelvaserova
      Flowers with unpleasant odors should be avoided for use as corsage flowers.