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What are the Advantages of Cedar Storage Areas?

Cedar storage areas offer a natural defense against pests, with their aromatic oils deterring moths and insects. This resilient wood also resists decay and moisture, ensuring your valuables stay dry and in pristine condition. Its timeless beauty adds aesthetic appeal to any space. Wondering how cedar can transform your storage solutions? Let's examine its full range of benefits.
A.E. Freeman
A.E. Freeman

The main advantage of cedar storage is protection from moths and other pests. Cedar wood is also very durable and easy to take care of. Some people find the scent in a cedar storage area to be an advantage as well. Compared to other woods, cedar is an environmentally friendly option, as it is often grown in a responsible manner.

Cedar storage areas such as closets and chests benefit from the cedar's oils. The oil's scent will keep adult moths out of the storage area and will prevent them from laying eggs in a person's wool sweaters and suits. Cedar oil may also kill any larvae that do hatch or eggs that get laid in the storage area. The wood also resists other bugs and fungus.

Cedar wood naturally helps prevent moth infestations.
Cedar wood naturally helps prevent moth infestations.

Choosing a cedar storage area or using cedar chips in place of mothballs is a healthier choice. Mothballs often contain ingredients such as naphthalene, which is a carcinogen. The smell of a cedar storage area is also much nicer than the smell of mothballs. Many people also find the appearance of cedar in a storage area to be an advantage. Cedar wood has a red-brown color with stripes across it and may be knotty.

Applying varnish to a cedar storage area allows for easier maintenance.
Applying varnish to a cedar storage area allows for easier maintenance.

To get the benefit of cedar, proper care must be taken. The storage area should be sealed well so that the oil doesn't evaporate. It should be kept clean of dirt as well. Sealing or varnishing cedar wood prevents the oil from evaporating, thus destroying the protection it offers against moths and fungus.

Cedar wood is very strong and will withstand the test of time, making it an ideal choice for long-term storage. The wood usually does not warp under pressure and will remain flat against the wall. Even though cedar is durable, a person should make an effort to protect a cedar storage area from extreme temperature changes and from excessive humidity.

Cedar is a sustainable choice for storage areas and other uses. The wood is usually cut from controlled forests in amounts that are considered sustainable. Some companies that cut cedar timber care for the natural ecosystems of the forests as well.

To get the benefits from cedar wood, the right wood must be used. Eastern red cedar, also known as pencil cedar or incense cedar, has oils that repel moths, while western red cedar does not. The cedar grows only in the western part of the United States and parts of Canada.

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@raynbow- A cedar chest is ideal storage for all types of items, especially clothes. Not only will your sweaters be safe from moths in the chest, but I think you will enjoy the cedar scent when you take them out to wear.

When put your sweaters in the cedar chest for storage, always make sure that you close it securely. This will give you added protection for your clothes from moths and other pests.


I was wondering if a cedar chest is a good place to store clothing. I have some nice sweaters that I need to protect from moths, but I do not like the smell of mothballs.

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    • Cedar wood naturally helps prevent moth infestations.
      By: junej
      Cedar wood naturally helps prevent moth infestations.
    • Applying varnish to a cedar storage area allows for easier maintenance.
      By: Photographee.eu
      Applying varnish to a cedar storage area allows for easier maintenance.