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What are Some Decor Ideas for Teen Bedrooms?

Transforming a teen's bedroom into a personal oasis means blending style with functionality. Think bold colors, multipurpose furniture, and creative storage solutions. Incorporate their passions with themed artwork and accessories. Remember, a touch of whimsy can spark joy and inspiration. How will you reflect your teen's unique personality in their space? Explore these ideas to craft the perfect teenage retreat.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Decor ideas for teen bedrooms don't have to be a nightmare! You can set a few reasonable guidelines and then let your teen use self-expression to create the room of his or her dreams. Of course, other considerations also play a role in coming up with great decor ideas for teen bedrooms such as budget, interests and organization.

Storage is a must everywhere in the home, but it can also provide excellent decor ideas for teen bedrooms. Let your teen figure out creative ideas for storing stuff such as music systems, games, books and sports equipment. Especially if the budget is an issue, you can find inexpensive storage furniture at second hand stores and let your teen paint them creatively. You may even be able to get a good desk or chest of drawers second hand that can be fixed up with a little time and paint. If the room is large enough to handle it, an extra chest of drawers can be angled in a corner or put in a closet to keep all kinds of clutter out of sight.

Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.
Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.

If your teen needs extra space for hobbies such as art, a second hand, sturdy dining table can make a great work table. Shelves on the wall near the table can hold art supplies. Another alternative is to opt for rolling trolley storage that fits under the table when not in use.

Don't be afraid to let your teen have a whole wall in his or her room for practicality and for self-expression. Posters hung on one wall can look much neater than when placed randomly all over the room. The wall can be painted in the teen's favorite color first so that the paint color can show around the edges of the posters. You and your teen can even transform a wall into a giant bulletin board by covering it in cork tiles. Cork walls are great for all kinds of decor ideas for teen bedrooms as they can hold photographs, artwork or even organizer systems to hold scissors and other supplies.

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Discussion Comments


Sunny27- I think that a desk along with storage drawers are essential bedrooms accessories.

These drawers could be colorful and you can find some cheap ones at IKEA. Teens tend to be messy, organization is key. Having a cork board is also a good idea so they can keep track of important messages and phone numbers, and other reminders.


Cafe41- Teens are transitioning into adulthood, so the best bedroom themes are really related to colors.

For example, if the teen likes the color red, you can choose complementary colors such as yellow or green. A lamp could be yellow while the rug and bedding could be red.

They tend to like various textures in their fabrics.


Some great bedroom decorating ideas for teenagers includes loft bedroom sets, with shaggy carpets and bean bag chairs.

A loft bedroom set is ideal because it has a full size bed on the bottom and a twin size bed on the top. This is great because if your teenager has a friend sleep over, it is not a problem.

In addition teenagers really love the bag chairs. They can be made of vinyl with bright colors like lime or blue.

Teens also seem to like the shaggy carpeting and again it could be the same color as the beanbag chair or the bedrooms bedding.

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    • Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.
      By: Rob
      Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.