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What are Sleigh Cribs?

Sleigh cribs are charming nursery staples reminiscent of a classic sleigh design, featuring elegant curves and a timeless aesthetic. They provide a cozy, secure sleeping space for infants, often with the ability to convert into toddler beds for long-term value. Intrigued by how sleigh cribs can enhance your baby's room? Discover their unique benefits and styles in our comprehensive guide.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Sleigh cribs are baby beds styled in a sleigh bed design. A sleigh bed has a curved headboard and footboard and gets its name from sleighs or sleds that have a similar rounded look to them. The top edge of sleigh bed headboards and footboards may be slightly rolled. The middles of adult sleigh beds look like regular beds with a lower bed frame and the centers of baby sleigh cribs look like regular cribs with posts or slats. A sleigh crib may have solid or slatted ends.

Some types of sleigh cribs have more rounded headboards and footboards than others. The curved line of a sleigh bed may be subtle or pronounced. Most sleigh bed cribs are rectangular in shape with curved ends, but some are round with four posts that have curved or rolled edges. Sleigh baby cribs are available ready made as well as in design patterns for woodworkers to build. A baby furniture sleigh crib is usually finished in light or dark wood stain or in white paint.

Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

Convertible sleigh cribs offer a lot of value and flexibility because they convert from a baby crib to a child's bed. Some convertible sleigh crib designs go one step further and covert again into a double sized adult sleigh bed. Only a new larger mattress needs to be added. These clever bed designs mean that a person may use the same bed from babyhood to adulthood. Some types of sleigh cribs convert into a side chair or a youth bed.

A sleigh baby crib may be sold in a furniture set that includes an infant changing table. Sleigh baby changing tables have sides that are shaped similar to the curved, rolled look of sleigh beds. A sleigh changing table may be designed to be used as a regular table and this type makes a good accompaniment to a convertible sleigh crib. The tall storage piece of furniture called an armoire may be sold in furniture sets with a sleigh crib and it usually has a rounded top to coordinate with the curved design of sleigh cribs. The armoire can hold baby clothes and accessories, then later hold clothing and toys for an older child and then store teenage clothes and belongings.

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    • Doctor with a baby
      Doctor with a baby