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What are Resin Statues?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Resin statues are alternatives to traditional figures made from cast stone. Resin is a synthetic polymer material lighter in weight than stone. A statue made of resin costs less that a traditional cast stone piece, sometimes due to its much lower shipping weight alone. Resin statues range from life-size garden pieces to small figurines made to fit into planters or flower pots. Do-it-yourself aging techniques can give a statue made of resin the look that very old stone statues have.

There are instruction books available online and in craft stores on painting and distressing resin statues to look like old stone. The resin paint-aged statues may be dented and then hand painted in an antique finish. Different metal and stone faux finishing looks can mimic chrome, marble, stone or brass. In some cases, it can be very difficult for resin lightweight statues to be distinguishable from the traditional cast stone type if the finishing is applied well. Craft stores may sell resin indoor or outdoor statues ready for painting along with instruction books for paint techniques.

Some resin statues can be painted to look like brass.
Some resin statues can be painted to look like brass.

Craft supplies for making resin statues should include silicone molds. Silicone gives the best finished result for the statue mixture. The resin mixture to pour into the molds is usually sold in powdered form. If fiberglass is added, it may be sold as glass-fiber polyester resin.

Finished resin statues can be purchased at many home improvement stores as well as some statuary supply companies. The subjects available cover a wide range from religious to whimsical. Everything from angels and saints to animals can be purchased in a statue made of resin today. Resin statues that are also a fountain, bird bath or planter are very popular for decorative use in yards and gardens. Finished statues can also decorate indoor planters in sun rooms.

Resin statues can range in size from small to life-sized.
Resin statues can range in size from small to life-sized.

By examining their yards and planning the placement of each statue to enhance landscaping, homeowners can often create an attractive yard in the style they love. Resin garden statues should definitely be used sparingly to avoid a cluttered or cheap look. Deciding on a theme, such as an enchanted forest, fairyland or heavenly angels scene, is a good idea when planning for a yard to contain resin statues.

A disadvantage of resin statues is that they may crack in below-freezing temperatures. For this reason, it's best to store resin figures inside during very cold weather. Typically, statues refer to large or life-size figures, while smaller pieces are sold as figurines or statuettes.

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How are commercial resin figurines made? I don't see how a machine can produce something with so much intricate coloring. Certainly they can't all be hand painted, can they?


@Esther11 - That backyard sounds like it must be a beautiful place for relaxing and appreciating nature.

I don't think I could afford to buy the life-size, ready-made statues. I'm going to read up on pouring my own molds and then antique them. I'll have to give some thought to a theme that would fit my landscaping.


With the popularity of yoga, meditation and the practice of "living in the moment," Americans are using resin buddha statues to make their gardens a place of peace and compassion.

I went to a party at a friend of a friend's house. She had a beautiful backyard with several life-size buddha resin statues in different poses showing different emotions. She tries to show respect for the statues - no children are allowed to climb on them.

She hopes to use some kits to make some smaller resin statues that will complement the buddhas.

They really looked like actual stone statues.

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    • Some resin statues can be painted to look like brass.
      By: AnneCatherine Mittey
      Some resin statues can be painted to look like brass.
    • Resin statues can range in size from small to life-sized.
      By: L. Shat
      Resin statues can range in size from small to life-sized.