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What are Different Types of Room Dividers?

Room dividers come in various styles, from traditional shoji screens to modern bookcase partitions. They can be decorative, functional, or a blend of both, offering privacy and space management. Folding dividers, hanging curtains, and freestanding shelves are popular choices, each adding a unique touch to interior spaces. What type will best transform your room? Explore the possibilities with us.
Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes, use a variety of materials, and serve a variety of purposes. They were originally used simply for splitting a room into two spaces, such as a studio apartment that might be separated into a living area and a sleeping area. Nowadays, people still use dividers for this reason, but a more common use is as a decorative element. When choosing one, a shopper's main consideration should be its purpose.

Many people use dividers to add a certain look to a room. They are available in many different colors and with a variety of patterns printed on them. People who cannot find one with the look they like can often simply paint one in any color they wish.

Room dividers are often used in business to allow participants to focus on their meetings.
Room dividers are often used in business to allow participants to focus on their meetings.

The materials used to make room dividers are many and varied, and include everything from solid wood to leather to paper and plastic. Some fold up into a single panel, while others are solid, standing structures. Solid ones are often used in business meetings to separate groups of people.

Room dividers are also great when used for storage spaces. Often, users can fold them against a wall corner to make a storage space for all types of materials. Many include storage pouches in their folds, which can be used to hold magazines and books or shoes. Some dividers also have mirrors in the panels, which are not only practical, but also add an appearance of space to a room. There are also dividers feature shelves when opened or that feature slots to hold photographs.

Many dividers are named after a particular country or region, such as France or Asia. Each of these styles has its own particular design. The French design features an open framework that can be seen through, while Asian dividers usually have delicate patterns and paper screens.

The original concept was to use the structure to enhance and divide a living space. One can be used to divide a shared children's room into two areas or to make a large room look smaller and warmer. It can also give a smaller room the appearance of space, since the divider might create the illusion of more area hidden behind it.

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Discussion Comments


Room dividers are really great and helpful.


My first apartment after college was a small studio apartment. It wasn't very big, but it was all I could afford at the time.

This small apartment did have two sliding room dividers which did help define some space. One of the dividers was to close off the bedroom area from the living room area.

The other wooden room divider closed off the kitchen area. It was nice to have the choice of having the dividers open or closed.

I found that most of them time when it was just me there by myself, I never used them. The only time I sectioned anything off was when I was having someone come over.


My girls share a bedroom and while it is a nice size room, they still would like their own private space.

I bought a long folding room divider that has places to put photos on both sides of the divider.

Each girl gets to choose whichever pictures she wants on her side of the divider.

This helps break up the space and lets them play a creative role in how they decorate their side. The divider serves its purpose well, but there are many times when I see it folded up and placed against the wall so they have more room to play!

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    • Room dividers are often used in business to allow participants to focus on their meetings.
      By: contrastwerkstatt
      Room dividers are often used in business to allow participants to focus on their meetings.