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What are Chipboard Boxes?

Chipboard boxes are lightweight yet sturdy packaging solutions crafted from pressed paper fibers. They offer versatile uses, from protecting small consumer goods to organizing items. Their recyclable nature aligns with eco-friendly practices, making them a popular choice for conscious businesses and consumers. How might these sustainable boxes revolutionize your storage or shipping methods? Explore their potential with us.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Chipboard boxes are made of cardboard that varies in weight. Companies use different weights of chipboard boxes for packaging individual products such as toothpaste or frozen dinners as well as for the cartons the products are packaged in to be shipped to stores. Home businesses often use a style of chipboard box for mailing their products to customers.

Chipboard is popular for boxes and many other products because it’s inexpensive to manufacture and purchase as well as environmentally friendly. It’s recyclable and is made from recycled materials. Chipboard is made from pieces of recycled paper that are compressed together in a pressure-heating process with a bonding resin or glue. The white coating on some chipboard boxes is made by applying a clay-based mixture on one side of the cardboard.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Although chipboard cardboard boxes are available in white or the orange-brown business color called Kraft, many companies order printed chipboard boxes in their company color with their logo and address included. This adds a professional and distinctive look when mailing out orders to clients. Some home or small businesses use plain white chipboard boxes and add stickers with their company information on it. White chipboard cardboard boxes are also great for placing gifts in before gift-wrapping the box since white coordinates well with all colors of gift wrap.

A chipboard box may be ordered custom-sized. Chipboard cardboard boxes are purchased flat and then must be folded to form the complete box. Chipboard mailing weight cartons are made to be lightweight to keep postage costs down yet are sturdy enough for most items. A chipboard mailing style of carton may be coated with a water-resistant finish to make it more durable in wet weather.

Two-piece chipboard boxes are familiar to those who buy cartons of letterhead or computer paper. The boxes keep the stationery neat, organized and dust-free. It’s easy to lift the lid to remove paper and then close the chipboard box again. Small two-piece chipboard boxes are made to hold business cards. The empty boxes can often be reused as storage boxes for home office supplies.

Lightweight chipboard is a very thin cardboard such as the kind used to hold bars of hand soap or bags of cereal. Thin, unprinted chipboard packages are used to hold items packed in a larger carton such as a boxed set of dishes with the cups in separate thin boxes. Small, lightweight chipboard boxes also hold small parts such as furniture screws or carpet tacks. Larger, heavyweight chipboard cardboard boxes are used frequently for shipping boxes.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower